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Python Sly bearhug pecs chest arms biceps

Python vs Sly - Bearhug Challenge 15

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

Big, brawny, newcomer Sly takes on the thickly muscled powerhouse Python for a ten minute bear hug challenge. At 5'10 225 lbs Sly has some size advantage on Python. He describes himself as an Italian Gorilla, with a hairy chest and nipple ring. Sly wastes no time getting Python in a vice like belly to belly bear hug, throwing Python to the mat three times within the first two minutes of the match. Python looks so impressive in his purple posers, which really show off his awesome muscular body, that its a surprise when Sly gets the first submission from him. Tough guy Sly makes Python say he gives repeatedly before releasing the hold. Then Sly shows off his big, powerful, beefy body with some very hot victory posing while Python catches his breath on the mat. But Pythons power cannot be denied and the smaller muscleman quickly retaliates, clamping his huge arms around the new guy in a brutal belly to belly bear hug. Sly tries to hold out, but Pythons power is just too much for anyone to endure very long and big Sly eventually takes Pythons advice and gives. Then Python treats the viewers to some victory posing with a jaw dropping display of his huge muscles. The competition gets fierce as the two jockey for position to get in a bear hug, at the same time trying to avoid the power and pain they know will follow if they get locked in a bear hug by their opponent. With a few minutes to go the score is tied. But one of these powerhouses decisively finishes off the other with the final bear hug. Get the video to see if its big, tough Sly or thickly muscled bodybuilder Python.