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Python vs Tak & Ashton - Mat Rats 42

Python vs Tak & Ashton - Mat Rats 42

$ 25.95

Tak starts the match in Python's face, mocking the bigger guy in his trademark smart ass style before launching into an attack and getting him in an upside-down, backwards bearhug. Tak dominates Python, with a choke hold, fireman's carry and throwing him around, slamming him to the mat and torturing him with a figure four. Eventually Python gains the upper hand and turns the tables on the Tak who's cockiness has just continued to grow up until now. Python squeezes Tak to the point where he just can't take anymore and taps out. Python flexes and shows off his huge arms, while Tak slips out of the room. Tak returns to the mat, but isn't alone; he's brought reinforcements in the form of his cousin, newcomer, Ashton. Tak makes introductions and taunts Python with his bigger cousin before having a seat at the edge of the mat and "coaching" his cousin. Ashton jumps right in and quickly slams Python to the mat, putting him in a full nelson, then stretching him out in a choke hold. Python rallies and the two trade off on control of the match. Tak finally has enough of waiting on the sidelines and he joins Ashton as they both punish Python. Python has one trick up his sleeve though and surprises the cousins with the power of his namesake arms. Will Ashton an Tak be able to slip free from Pythons coils?