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Python vs Zman - Custom Video Series 18

$ 34.75

Z-Man is shirtless in a pair of jeans posing his amazing body in front of a full length mirror in the bathroom. Z-man smiles as he admires his sexy models body, saying Oh yeah over and over as he strikes a pose or does a pec bounce. This incredibly hot display goes on until muscled up country boy Python walks in wearing only a pair of shorts, with his big thick pecs, gigantic arms and incredible v-shaped back uncovered. Python laughs at pretty boy Z-Man admiring his own body. Python walks in front of the mirror and brags, I just took up your whole mirror because Im so big. Of course, the tough talking Z-man is not impressed. Z-man does some curls in a vain effort to impress the powerhouse Python. Then Python takes a turn with the dumbbells to show Z-man how pathetically light the weight is for Pythons huge arms. Z-Man gets pissed that Python uses his dumbbells and goes back to posing in the mirror. But Python wants to teach the handsome model a lesson in power and so he locks Z-Man into a headlock with his massive right arm, leaving Z-man gasping for breath. Big Python laughs as he watches himself totally incapacitate Z-Man in the mirror. Z-Man squirms trying to escape, but has no chance against Pythons incredible power. Python calls this hold the constrictor and he keeps it locked on helpless Z-man for a few minutes. When Z-Man passes out, Python starts doing some serious flexing with all that thick muscle beef. When Z-man comes to, he is furious at Python for putting him to sleep and challenges him to a match. When the two meet on the mat, Z-Man is a ball of fire. He puts Python into full nelson, calling python a punk and a Neanderthal. Then he slaps on a side headlock and asks Python, Whos the man? Continuing his assault, he picks the muscleman up in a belly to belly bear hug, trash talking the whole time. Triumphantly, he drops Python to the mat and tells him Z-Man never goes to sleep. But powerful Python takes that boast as a challenge. He reaches up and puts Z-Man in a side headlock, which he quickly converts into a sleeper. Z-man escapes when he hits Python with a dirty shot from his elbow. While Python is still in pain from the low blow, Z-Man delivers a series of solid punches to Pythons rock solid abs. Now in control, cocky Z-Man starts to really humiliate the bodybuilder. With Python in a school boy pin, Z-Man says Im way too strong for you, calls powerful Python weak and mocks him with a pec bounce. After a tombstone to the still dazed Python, Z-Man puts him in figure four neck lock. Even when Python says mercy, Z-Man makes him say it louder and again, calling Python pathetic and weak. When Z-Man finally lets the humiliated muscleman up, Python quickly puts Z-Man into a sleeper for revenge. But crafty Z-Man slips out and locks another sleeper on Python. This time Z-Man humiliates Python by telling him to flex if he wants to get out. Beaten and humiliated, Python complies. Z-Man puts Python to sleep anyway. Z-man wakes Python up, only to immediately put him into another sleeper saying Think I was going to let you up? Hell no! When Z-Man does some posing for the camera, Python delivers a forearm smash between Z-Mans legs, then delivers some power punches to Z-Mans gut and puts Z-man into a sleeper. When Z-Man passes out, Python splashes him with some water so the muscleman can enjoy some more revenge. He clamps Z-Man into a bear hug with his powerful arms followed by another round of gut punches and a tombstone. What happened to the mighty Z-man? Python asks, as he flexes his thick, beefy, muscles over the defeated and unconscious Z-Man.