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Raptor Blayne submission pose wrestling

Raptor vs Blayne - Battlespace 94

$ 31.25

Blayne has been getting a lot of new fans thanks to his never-say-die attitude and scrappy wrestling style!  Today he’s on the Thunder’s Arena mats, flexing and posing for the camera, his ultra-ripped physique on display for his fans!  Blayne is oozing confidence and itching for a fight!  Enter recent roster addition Raptor, still new to Thunder’s and very much an unknown quantity!  At 6’ and 225lbs, Raptor is a powerhouse who loves to throw down on the mats!  Decked out in tight yellow trunks, Raptor looks incredulous as Blayne gets in his face, looking for a fight!  “Are you serious man?” “As serious as a heart attack!”  They lock up and, Blayne using his speed to get the takedown!  Raptor is wondering what happened as Blayne wrenches his shoulder in a hammerlock!  Raptor powers up and out of the hold, before locking up again.  This time Raptor takes his opponent more seriously, getting the go behind and wrapping his arms around Blayne’s midsection!  Blayne is lifted high off the mat as Raptor squeezes the breath out of him!  Raptor takes them both to the mat and applies a leglock, torqueing Blayne’s knee.  But he doesn’t get it locked fully and Blayne is able to escape!  As Raptor moves to regroup, Blayne again uses his speed to get behind and lifts Raptor off the mat in a rear bearhug of his own!  Raptor was not expecting that!  “Pretty strong for a little guy” Raptor spits out through clenched teeth.  Blayne dumps Raptor to the mat, grabs his legs and tears them apart in a split!  Raptor has strong legs though and weathers the hold, forcing Blayne to reluctantly release!

Another lock up and Raptor again gets the go behind, but this time he clamps on an amazingly brutal Abdominal Stretch!  Seriously, Blayne is twisted and battered as Raptor punishes him!  Blayne collapses to the mat, but Raptor has other plans – he sits Blayne up then plants his legs either side of Blayne’s head for a Standing Head Scissors!  “No, not the legs”  Blayne pleads with Raptor, but his please for mercy fall on deaf ears as Raptor flexes his quads, crushing Blayne’s skull!  To add to the pressure, Raptor falls to the mat and converts to a straight headscissors!  Blayne can’t budge Raptor’s thighs, but Raptor decides to release the hold – he wants to teach this guy a lesson!  But Blayne knows he won’t this fight on strength or power, so he goes dirty – Blayne fires a hard jab right into Raptor’s balls!  Raptor crumples to the mat in pain as Blayne mounts him for a camel clutch!  Raptor takes the pain as Blayne pulls back, so Blayne adds to the agony by clawing at Raptor’s eye!  Seems Blayne has been learning from the beatdowns he has received and is ready to dish out a beating of his own!  Blayne paces the mat, looking confident as Raptor recovers – but Raptor suddenly lunges forward, taking Blayne off his feet and slamming him down!  Raptor clamps on a full nelson, driving his knee into Blayne’s ribs for good measure – this is getting nasty!  A Boston Crab from Blayne has Raptor in pain, but Raptor pays him back with a rib-shattering bearhug!  Blayne is desperate to shake his jobber image as he scoops Raptor over his shoulders before slamming him down to the mat, flexing his ripped physique for the camera!  These two are really going to town on each other, both going for utter destruction and not just the win!  A blatant choke from Blayne is countered by devastating pec claw from Raptor!  The powerhouse immobilises Blayne and drills his fist into Blayne’s abs!  More bearhugs, gut bashing, choke holds, scissors and much, much more, including some of the most brutal bearhugs we have ever seen!  This is a new and far more aggressive Blayne than we’ve seen before, but is it enough to beat the powerhouse Raptor?  Or will Raptor’s strength and power get him the W?  Get this match today and see for yourself!