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Marco Rapter Boston crab submission hold submit abs chest pecs arms

Raptor vs Marco - Battlespace 93

$ 34.75

“My name’s Raptor, I’m 6’, 225lbs.  I was a four-time state wrestler, I bench 500lbs, squat 700.”  So speaks Raptor, the newest addition to the Thunder’s Arena stable!

For his debut match, Raptor is going up against Thunder’s superstar Marco – nothing like diving in head first!  Both in square-cuts, Raptor and Marco shake hands and lock up!  Raptor’s amateur skills come into play right away as he manoeuvres Marco down to the mat.  They lock up again with Marco going for the leg, but Raptor spins out!  Raptor offers his hand by way of a proper introduction, but he’s obviously been doing his homework as he pulls the unsuspecting Marco into a clench!  Raptor seizes the advantage as Marco fights to get out!  They battle back and forth until Marco manages to get a head scissor on Raptor!  Raptor struggles and writhes so much that Marco can barely hold on!  Marco decides to switch for a reverse schoolboy pin, but Raptor pushes him off, again stealing the advantage!  Marco decides to up the ante, lifting Raptor and slamming him back down!  A cradle has Raptor trapped and frustrated!

Something snaps in Raptor as he gets up, a determined look on his face.  “Enough of this rolling around s**t!”  Raptor lunges in, slapping a crushing bearhug on Marco!  Marco weathers the pain, eventually getting out and clamping a bearhug of his own and lifting the powerhouse off the mat!  Marco manages to apply a full nelson, but Raptor is WAY too powerful and flexes out!  Another lock up and Raptor takes Marco down!  Both men are breathing heavily as Raptor hammerlocks Marco, cranking his arm high up his back!  Marco submits!

Marco is furious!  All thoughts of sportsmanship go out the window as Raptor offers Marco a hand to get up, only to be met by a blatant low blow!  Raptor collapses to the mat as Marco flexes his ripped guns over him before clamping on a choke!  Raptor struggles for breath as Marco hauls him up into another nelson, followed by another choke! The sadistic superstar clamps a vicious hammerlock on Raptor, the same hold that Marco submitted to earlier!  Raptor’s shoulder looks like it’s about to pop out as Marco pulls back HARD!  Raptor has no choice but to slap the mat in submission, but Marco doesn’t let go!  “Harder – say ‘I give’ say it!”

It’s one submission a piece as the two combatants go at each other!  Marco clamps on a humiliating figure-four headscissor, his bowling ball glutes flexing as he squeezes the rookie!  Raptor submits to the crushing pressure and Marco is 2-1 up!  Can Raptor come back and steal a win in his debut match?  Or will Marco claim another victim for his W column?  A humiliating knock-out finish! Get this mat match today!