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Regan vs Monkey Boy - Rough & Ready 145

$ 34.75

BIG vs little!

Regan - 220 lbs. vs Monkey Boy - 140 lbs.

"I think you're in the wrong weight class, kid!" Regan grips Monkey Boy in a smothering chest to chest bearhug! Monkey Boy screams out in pain, but Regan is not going to let go! Throwing him to the mat, Regan flattens Monkey Boy with a schoolboy pin. Monkey Boy fights back with dirty moves, but Regan is too powerful for his smaller opponent. Regan easily throws Monkey Boy around the garage! He SLAMS Monkey Boy over and over! Regan uses his massive legs to squeeze Monkey Boy's head like a watermelon. Regan yanks on his victims limbs ripping them out of socket while Monkey Boy moans in pain! Regan humiliates Monkey Boy bending him like a toy. Carrying him around the mat, Regan shows no mercy physically and with his trash talking. Monkey Boy has the attitude and fight he needs, but is he too weak to take on a mass monster like Regan? The beating continues with Monkey Boy being tossed around the mat! But Regan starts to exhaust himself. Is this Monkey Boy's opportunity to take the bodybuilder down? Monkey Boy leaps on Regan's back and locks in a TIGHT rear sleeper! Will Regan go down?

Regan jumps off the mat RAGING! He grabs the tiny Monkey Boy and restarts the beating! Monkey Boy is helpless to the bodybuilder's muscles. Regan laughs while destroying Monkey Boy's body. Regan repeatedly mashes Monkey Boy into the mat using every muscle to hurt his victim. Will Monkey Boy make it out of his first match unscathed? Download today and find out!