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Regan vs Silas and Reggie - Custom Video Series 160

$ 34.75

Reggie is flexing on the mat showing off for the camera. (Bigger and better than ever btw!) Regan shows up and reminds Reggie that the Thunders Arena Team has a big match tomorrow and curfew is being enforced. Reggie blows him off and Regan warns him one more time. Regan and Reggie go toe to toe until Regan knocks out Reggie with a brutal sleeper hold. Regan slings the sleeping Reggie over one shoulder, talking trash while he goes and drops Reggie in bed. Now that Reggie is asleep, Regan can move on to bigger, better things.

Regan comes back to the mat and finds Silas looking for Reggie. “What did you do to Reggie?" Regan answers “He was blowing off curfew. We have a big match tomorrow and Im gonna be sure everyone is going to bed early. You too! Get to bed!” Regan snatches Silas in a chest to chest bearhug squeezing the air out of his lungs and snapping his back! Silas is overwhelmed by the size and power of Regan. Silas gets caught in a deep sleeper hold and is knocked out! Regan carries him in a firemans carry across both shoulders. When Regan gets to the bedroom to put Silas down, Reggie is gone! Regan is pissed and hunts down the naughty Reggie.

Regan finds some chloroform and a rag and finds Reggie. This time Reggie REFUSES to go down easy! Regan gets frustrated. “I hope you wrestle this good tomorrow and don’t faint like you’re about to do now.” Reggie is caught off guard saying..“Why would I faint?” Regan takes the rag and chloroforms Reggie. Regan returns Reggie to the bedroom only to find Silas has now disappeared!

Will Regan hunt down Silas and finish his business? Download today and find out!