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Reggie vs Achillies - Bodybuilder Battle 204

$ 25.95
$ 28.88

Introducing Achilles: 5'10" 170 lbs.


Reggie charges forward, boldly seizing Achilles and bending him with ease. The new muscle may try to resist, but Reggie's daring knows no bounds as he hurls his opponent across the mat, unconcerned with his well-being! Crushing Achilles under his feet, Reggie teaches him a lesson in humility. Using ferocious Boston crab holds and a brutal choke lift, Reggie shows no mercy as he takes apart Achilles piece by piece. Though confident, Achillies was unprepared for Reggie's savage tactics on the mat. In a tight grip, Reggie squeezes his victim until Achillies narrowly escapes a 3-count. Seizing the moment, Achilles attempts to trap Reggie in a figure-four headlock. But his attack is brief as Reggie's size and strength prove too much for the inexperienced opponent. As the match progresses, Reggie's confidence grows and his voice booms as he predicts and flawlessly executes his next moves. With effortless strength, Reggie curls


Reggie unleashes a barrage of power moves on Achilles, tossing him around like a toy and showing off his immense strength. From choke lifts to torture racks and backbreakers, Achilles faces an uphill battle against Reggie's unstoppable force. Can the newcomer emerge unharmed?