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Reggie vs Baby Herc - Mat Wars 167

$ 23.99
$ 31.59

Reggie gets offended when Baby Herc compares his muscles to Reggie's. After a moment Reggie takes Baby Herc in a side headlock and pulls him to the mat. Toying with him like a cat with a mouse, Reggie slaps Baby Herc's shredded abs. Reggie locks in a tight bearhug and when Baby Herc claims he can do the same, Reggie allows the rookie to lift and carry him around the mat. That is until Reggie wants to deal more damage! He slams Baby Herc down and drops a mean elbow straight into his abs! Reggie yanks Baby Herc up and carries him around the mat before dropping him on his head!

Reggie's cocky attitude starts to anger Baby Herc and a flash of hate whips across his face! Baby Herc gets Reggie in a rear sleeper hold and won't let go. But when things get serious, Reggie gets serious too! He flips Baby Herc across the mat! He picks him up slamming him against the wall and wailing on Baby Herc's abs with his giant fists! He then locks in a deep Boston crab and Baby Herc yells in pain.

When Reggie sees the fight drain from Baby Herc's eyes is when he cranks up the intensity! He continues slamming Baby Herc on the mat and squeezing his body in every way possible, adding wedgies and slaps for humiliation. Will Baby Herc be able to walk away from Reggie's punishing style of wrestling? Download NOW to find out!