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Reggie vs Loki - Bodybuilder Battle 197

$ 25.95
$ 31.59

Run Time: 20 Minutes

Loki and Reggie compare slabs of muscle on each others body when Reggie starts to slap Loki around a bit! Loki does not like that and takes Reggie to the mat in a tight full nelson nearly snapping Reggie's shoulders off! Loki controls the match using his quads to squeeze Reggie's head in a head scissors. Reggie struggles to break free! When Reggie gets out he is like a rabid animal smashing Loki into the mat and grinding on top. Loki displays his power standing up with the 260 lbs Reggie on his back and slams him down! Loki keeps his momentum going with a brutal Boston crab submission cranking on Reggie's back! Reggie once again fights his way to his feet lifting Loki up and body slamming him HARD on the mat!

Loki is not the guy to back down from a power match with a bodybuilder and he lifts Reggie over his shoulders an bounces Reggie up and down! Loki drops him to the mat and the snatches Reggie up in a choke lift! The power moves continue when Reggie gets back up and picks Loki up in an excruciating torture rack! He then flings Loki off the mat and flexes for the camera while Loki is laid out! When Loki comes to he crawls behind the distracted Reggie and jumps on his back from the couch! Loki lands on Reggie's back and pulls him down locking in a sleeper hold! A back and forth of power moves and painful submissions leads to a dominating ending by one bodybuilder and the other sprawled knocked out on the mat.