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Reggie vs Meaty - Bodybuilder Battle 188

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

Who is going down by a kiss of death???
260 lbs vs 240 lbs
Reggie vs Meaty
Meaty interrupts Reggie flexing all of his 260 lbs of diced muscle! Meaty can't help but to worship every inch of his opponent before he starts to the match. Meaty wraps Reggie up in a smothering chest to chest bearhug! When Reggie scoffs at Meaty's attempt, Meaty is done taking it easy. He lifts the bodybuilder over his shoulders and flexes! Meaty slaps Reggie's ass and you can hear the SLAP of his meathook hand bouncing off Reggie's cheeks. Reggie becomes furious and SLAMS Meaty into the mat. Reggie pounces on top of Meaty grinding him into the mat. Reggie's rage continues and he sits directly down on Meaty's face to punishing him! Now Meaty gets extra pissed off, flips the 260 lbs Reggie onto his back the mat then tortures him with a camel clutch. Reggie returns the favor and flips Meaty on his back only to mounts him with a schoolboy pin and holds him down threatening to put the kiss of death on him! 
In total shock, Meaty bounces up up and locks Reggie in a chest to chest bearhug, crushing him with all his power and sweat! Reggie fights back but Meaty has a python hold on him! Reggie then tries his first attempt at the kiss of death did he get it? Meaty scrambles off but then turns around by kicking him right in the balls! Sweat is pouring off both men at this point making it even more dangerous to wrestle as things have become too slippery! Reggie laughing starts his next wave of  dominating Meaty, but Meaty is not going to be humiliated any more by this rookie! Meaty locks Reggie's head between his massive quads and squeezes until Reggie warns Meaty he will bite something if he doesn't let go! 
In the final game of mercy one bodybuilder is choking out and who will get to put the  final kiss of death to seal the deal? You need to buy this match to find out!