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Reggie vs Rome - Bodybuilder Battle 194

$ 32.95

"How does it feel to touch a REAL bodybuilder?"

260 lbs vs 270 lbs

Rome can't wait to put his hands on Reggie and Reggie feels the same! Both bodybuilders meet chest to chest and muscles are everywhere! Reggie slams Rome down and slams his weight on top of him. Reggie smashes Rome in the mat until Rome fights his way up. He slaps Reggie's head between his massive quads and squeezes. Reggie yells in pain and Rome makes a mistake showing him mercy. Rome lets Reggie up and Reggie picks 270 lbs Rome up in a fireman's carry! He bounces Rome off the mat and pins him down with a forearm across Rome's face. Rome gets angry and shoves Reggie off of him. He wraps his gigantic bicep around Reggie's thick neck and engulfs him. Reggie uses a cheap shot to turn Rome over and sits on his chest in a schoolboy pin flexing in Rome's face. 

Reggie locks Rome in a side headlock but Rome flips Reggie and begins to choke him out! Rome uses his hands, biceps, and balls to choke Reggie! When Reggie feels disrespected he becomes enraged! He lifts Rome into a chest to chest bearhug and attempts to break Rome's ribs! He fights dirty with a ball claw clamping down on Rome's nuts and asking him "WHO'S THE BEST?!" Rome is not going to admit Reggie is better than him and snatches Reggie in a belly to belly bearhug! Rome shows off his superior power and lifts Reggie over his shoulders squatting him multiple times. 

Both bodybuilders are done rolling around on the mat and start to fight like REAL big boys! A series of INTENSE POWER MOVES and BRUTAL CHOKE LIFTS leave both men battered and bruised

Don't miss out on OVER 500 lbs of muscle slamming and smashing against each other! Download Today!