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Reggie vs Silas - Rough & Ready 150

$ 25.95

Silas has stepped on the mat to put Reggie in his place! The classic debate of size versus skill is put to the test when Silas quickly takes Reggie to the mat! Silas pulls apart Reggie's massive legs in a banana split and spanks his ass! Reggie gets pissed and flips Silas over pinning him down and slamming all 280 lbs of shredded muscle on top Silas's chest! Reggie yanks up his victim throwing him over his shoulder before grabbing his throat in a massive choke lift! Silas is not going to back down! He jumps back up and gets right back into Reggie's face. Silas takes Reggie to the mat using a side headlock. Reggie starts to get winded and now Silas has him right where he wants him!

Silas pins Reggie down and flexes his bicep in his face! He yanks back Reggie's shoulders with a foot in his back. Reggie yells in pain. Silas kicks him in the abs, but makes a mistake letting the bodybuilder off the mat! Reggie lifts Silas over his shoulders in a fireman's carry before falling backwards on Silas's body! Reggie controls his opponent using his size and strength to pin Silas into the mat. Silas will need to use his proven wrestling skills to escape. Will he be able to get out from under Reggie before having to submit? 

The intense action continues when Silas demands Reggie worship his bicep and Reggie SPITS ON SILAS! This infuriates Silas and he lets all of his anger out! He slams Reggie down and slaps his ass! He nails Reggie with a vicious low blow and Reggie goes down hard! This is where the match gets DIRTY! A series of low blows, ball claws, chokes, bearhugs, and no holds barred schoolboy pins has both muscle studs exhausted. The only question left is...WHO WANTS IT MORE?