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Rex puts Blayne in a head scissors at Thunders Arena Wrestling

Rex vs Blayne - No Holds Barred 98

$ 25.95
$ 31.25

Warning this is some of the most intense, no holds barred, brutal wrestling we have ever seen.  How these two men survived the many dirty tricks and brutal cheat moves was beyond imagination.  The camera crew was wincing in pain to what they were doing to each, feeling so much sympathy pain while filming this match!    If you like brutal big vs little matches and you like to see the guys get down and dirty with each other with NO MERCY this is going to be your favorite match of this year!  There is some muscle worship followed by the most intense beg for mercy brutal match we have ever seen to date.  Mr. Mike knows that REX is slightly shorter than Blayne but he is 12 feet taller when it comes to bad ass attitude and knows how to physically and emotionally dominate his opponent but plan hangs in there absorbing the abuse only to turn the tide a few brutal times with stuff we never thought he would do.  This is an amazing little bad boy beat down on a big bad boy in a match that will become your favorite we are sure!