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rex cash mens muscle wrestling thunders arena

Rex vs Cash - Mat Rats 95

$ 25.95

“Tap out, bitch!”

One of our new recruits, Cash, is back on the mats to take on the mighty Rex!

“You ready for this?”  Cash is nothing if not confident as he faces his bigger and more experienced opponent!  Rex, in red trunks, loves to get fresh meat and pulverise it into submission!  The two men circle, testing each other out.  Rex gets the advantage with a front facelock, sending Cash facedown to the mat!  Suddenly the rookies finds himself caught in Rec’s powerful headscissor, his abs on full display and just begging for a beating!  Cash tries to swing his legs up, but Rex clamps down, adding a ball claw for added bite!  The two men get to their feet and a test of strength ensues – muscles bulge as the two hunks try to overpower the other, but to no avail!  They lock up and Rex starts slugging Cash in the midsection with his big fists!  Rex hauls the rookie up into a bone-grinding bearhug, all his strength centred on Cash’s lower back!  Sensing the rookie isn’t ready to submit yet, Rex throws him down – but Cash is ready and quickly gets behind Rex with a Full Nelson!   Now it’s Rex who’s taken to the mat and stretched out – Cash mounts the veteran, but Rex manages to roll out.  Cash follows up with a bearhug of his own, his face buried in Rex’s hairy pecs as he squeezes!  Rex cries out in pain as Cash pulses the hold – but Rex isn’t ready to submit yet!  Cash gets cocky and flexes, leaving himself wide open for a spear takedown!  The tables are turned as Cash finds himself trapped between Rex’s huge legs!  Rex decides to teach the rookie a lesson, raining blows down on his exposed midsection – captive Cash has nowhere to go!  Rex switches to an arm bar, wrenching on the elbow as Cash tries absorb the pain.  Quick as a flash, Rex rolls them over and pulls Cash’s head WAY up in his thighs, crushing his face between his FLARED quads!  Cash is engulfed and smothered in Rex’s muscle!  Rex flexes over Cash, leaving himself vulnerable to attack – and Cash seizes the opening!  He swings his legs up, sending Rex careening to the mat before mounting his back.  Both men are breathing hard, but neither is willing to give!

The two gladiators lock up again, with Rex getting behind for some payback Full Nelson action!  Cash is trapped as Rex pours on the pressure – the rookie frantically taps out!  Cash crumbles to the floor, but he’s not done yet – Rex might have won the battle, but the war continues!  Flexing turns into admiration, with pecs bouncing and biceps bulging – Cash is clearly no stranger to the gym!  The match continues with Rex clamping on a sudden sleeper hold - Rex is determined to dominate the rookie!  Can Cash survive the deadly onslaught and mount a comeback?  Can he topple the veteran and claim an upset victory?  Or will he fall victim to the relentless Rex?  Get the download today to find out for yourself!