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Marco head scissors Rey pecs abs thighs

Rey vs Marco - Mat Wars 67

$ 22.22
$ 25.95

The match opens with Rey addressing the camera in Spanish, looking supremely confident as he turns to look at Marco.  Marco is grabbed by the throat and lifted up against the wall!  Manhandled in the first minute!  Marco is dropped to the floor, but the muscle boy goes low and takes Rey down, pinning him and giving him the best view in the house!  But Rey is new to Thunder’s Arena, and he knows that if he takes out the legendary Marco he’ll be at the top of the heap.  He catches Marco in a fast choke and body scissor combination, using his long legs to crush the fight out of Marco! Marco suffers as he flexes tighter!  They break and get up,  Marco circles whilst Rey gives him the classic ‘bring it on’ sign – Marco obliges, swooping in and lifting the taller man up into a rib-breaking bearhug!  Rey is clutching his lower back in pain, but is still defiant!  Marco goes low again and traps Rey in a single-leg crab, wrenching his knee back!  Rey cries out in agony as he uses all his strength to push Marco off him.  Rey catches Marco in a headlock, but Marco hoists him off the ground and onto his shoulders before SLAMMING HIM INTO THE WALL!  Marco is all smiles as he bashes Rey’s abs until he collapses to the floor!  This is just sadistic!  Marco tries to sleeper Rey out, but Rey’s just too powerful and escapes!  Marco gets Rey in a folding press, but again Rey powers out, his legs propelling Marco across the mat!  A humiliating school-boy pin and Marco is lifted up into Rey’s bearhug!  The sweat is dripping off Marco’s amazing body as his ribs are caved in from either side!  Rey slams him into the wall!  Then quick takedown and Marco mounts Rey’s back, pulling his head up and locking on a camel clutch, pulling his head back by his hair!  Marco continues to punish the back of Rey, trapping him in a brutal BOSTON CRAB!  Marco’s powerful ass-ets are on display as we see the agony etched on Rey’s face!  But Rey knows what’s at stake and he won’t submit!  Rey catches Marco in a Boston Crab of his own, bending Marco’s spine back hard!  A humiliating schoolboy pin is met with a barrage of gut punches – this is awesome!  Bearhugs and crushing full-nelsons have one wrestler begging!  A low blow brings one muscle hunk down – the other capitalises and pulls his prey in for a body scissor that has his opponent screaming “No more!”  Gut punches, chokes, humiliating scissors, nelsons - these two are throwing their full arsenals against each other!  A brutal series of sleepers and chokes force one wrestler to say “I give!”  Which wrestler gets put out and left on the mat?