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body builder flexing

Rhino vs Joey King - Mat Wars 102

$ 34.75

The 5'8" 200lbs Joey King is about to face the giant 6'2" 220lbs Rhino! "You think you're ready for a ring?" Rhino replies, "Definitely ready for that!" Joey laughs, "Pump the brakes kid. You're big and muscular, but you ain't ready for a ring." Rhino isn't scared, "I think I can take you." "Is that what you think pretty boy?" Joey says he's gonna give his student a free lesson in pro-wrestling. 
Joey laughs that Rhino doesn't know what a tie up is or how to trash talk. "This is pro-wrestling. You gotta talk shit and wrestle!" Joey shows him how to tie up and laughs at Rhino's "stripper Hulk Hogan trunks." Rhino has had it with the disrespect, "You ain't gotta talk to me like that." Joey calls his student a "BIG ZERO" when it comes to pro-wrestling, and this match is on! 
They tie up. Joey grabs Rhino in a side bearhug taking him down. Rhino locks Joey in a side headlock. "What's your move?" says Rhino. Joey takes the giant down and returns the favor. "Stay down Lurch!" Rhino recovers, gets a take down, but lets Joey up. Lesson 1: if you're on someone, don't get off.
Next, Joey wants to show Rhino a test of strength in the game of mercy. "You're a little stronger than I thought." Joey KNEES the giant in the gut taking him down. "Big trees fall hard!" The teacher locks the student in a MASSIVE camel clutch. "I'm gonna make you look in the camera and say Joey is the King!" Rhino refuses, so Joey BOTTOM DROPS the giant's ripped back. The muscle hunks go back and forth in take downs, head scissors, and headlocks. Rhino stands Joey up in a full nelson, "You're built like a fuckin potato!" He picks Joey up and BODYSLAMS him!
Lesson 2: never give someone your head. Joey puts Rhino in a headlock taking him to the mat. "All show, no go! Look at the camera, say Joey is the King." Rhino replies, "Joey is the fuckin queen!" He ties Joey up in a head scissor/sleeper combo, but Joey escapes and applies a sleeper. "You tired?" "Not as tired as you old man!" Rhino's boulder biceps can't break the hold, and he TAPS OUT!
Rhino picks up Joey in a front bearhug. While in the bearhug, Joey locks in a GUILLOTINE! Rhino OVERPOWERS Joey lifting him higher in the bearhug and BODYSLAMS him! He cradles Joey but lets go without a pin. Both are extremely winded. The teacher admits his student is getting better. 
Rhino flexes and works on his trash talk, "You wish you had these abs. You just got a dad bod with your dumb ass shorts." Joey gets Rhino in a MASSIVE full nelson. He recovers, picks Joey up on one shoulder then into a fireman's carry. Rhino's strength is INSANE! He then delivers an F-5 to Joey! The veteran is able to recover, and both roll around the mat. Rhino gets Joey in a TIGHT sleeper. The teacher is fading under his student's bulging bicep and goes to sleep! 
Joey wakes up, "I'm so bored wrestling you. I decided to take a nap!" He tells Rhino to hit him with a promo, but he doesn't know what that is. "It's talking shit!" Rhino can't think of anything and starts flexing for the camera. While distracted, Joey LOW BLOWS Rhino taking him down and commands him to admit Joey is the King! Rhino refuses and is put in a crippling DRAGON SLEEPER. He calls his teacher "Princess Joey" which infuriates Joey more. Will the student be put to sleep and learn his final lesson or come back and mount his revenge on his teacher? Buy this AWESOME big vs little match to find out!!!