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Rhino puts Scrappy into a torture rack at Thunders Arena Wrestling.

Rhino vs Scrappy with Joey King - Mat Rats 105

$ 25.95

Joey's Wrestling School of Pain Part #2
Class is back in session! Veteran pro-wrestler Joey King is here to teach and help the 230lbs rookie Rhino learn some moves in his match against veteran Scrappy. "You wanna be a pro wrestler? You're tall, big, do you know how to wrestle?" asks Joey. "A  little bit," says Rhino. Meanwhile, Scrappy walks in and boasts, "I can take both of you right now!" Teacher Joey laughs, "You're my bitch!" He tells Rhino they're gonna use Scrappy like a rag doll.
They tie up. Rhino locks in a headlock and THROWS the veteran down. He straddles Scrappy and locks in a MASSIVE body scissor. "You're not getting out of that!" Rhino locks his tree trunk quads around Scrappy's head CRUSHING him then applies a full nelson. "Take your time." Joey instructs Rhino. The giant SHAKES Scrappy like a rag doll and lifts him in the full nelson. "Both of y'all are gonna get it!" yells Scrappy. Rhino PULLS Scrappy's hair making him stand then picks him up in BACK-BREAKING front bearhug. "I think I just heard you shit yourself!" says Joey. The rookie picks the vet up and down SLAMMING him hard. Joey tells Rhino to throw him and flex. "I'm gonna change your name from Scrap to Crap!" says teacher Joey. Scrappy tries to bearhug Rhino but is put in an UPSIDE DOWN BEARHUG and thrown down. The giant locks in a TIGHT cradle. 
Joey instructs Rhino to pick Scrappy up in a FIREMAN'S CARRY and squat him. "Like a rag doll!" says Joey. While in the hold, Rhino tells Scrappy to hit his abs. The veteran PUNCHES Rhino's ripped abs, but he feels nothing! "I'm gonna kill you!" yells Scrappy.
Joey then teaches Rhino how to do a Boston crab, but he does it wrong. "That Boston crab was horrible! You're new. Let's stick with the power stuff!" says Joey. Rhino puts Scrappy in a MASSIVE rear bearhug. "He's strong, man!" moans Scrappy. Rhino tries trash talking and tells Scrappy he's "built like a churro!" Joey laughs at the food reference and teaches Rhino how to apply a camel clutch. Scrappy MOANS IN PAIN. "Sounds like he's giving birth!" says Rhino.
"Don't listen to this guy!" Scrappy pleads with Rhino not to listen to their teacher. Scrappy tries to escape out the door but is ORDERED to come back. Joey wants a comedy show and tells Rhino to turn around with his back to Scrappy for a free shot. Scrappy JUMPS on Rhino's thick back to lock in a sleeper. "Are you even squeezing?" asks Rhino. 
Teacher Joey wants Rhino to try a Boston crab again. Scrappy taps out, "I give!" but Rhino keeps the crab locked in. Joey orders Scrappy to apologize. "Get your boy off me. Your robot giant!" screams Scrappy. Rhino releases the hold and picks up Scrappy in a MASSIVE choke lift! "How's the oxygen up there Scrappy?" Rhino plants his foot on Scrappy's chest, "What's my name bitch?" asks Rhino. Joey makes Scrappy spell Rhino's name to humiliate him more.
Joey instructs Rhino to pick Scrappy up and apply a CRUSHING back breaker. "Try to break him like a stick!" encourages Joey. "Talk some shit!" says Joey. Rhino makes fun of Scrappy's flamingo trunks and curly fries hair. 
Joey shows Rhino how to to do a TORTURE RACK. Rhino is happy to learn and CRANKS Scrappy on his shoulders! "Put me down!" begs Scrappy. "You gonna go to sleep anytime soon?" asks teacher Joey. Will the veteran Scrappy succumb to the torture rack or escape the clutches of the mighty Rhino? Buy this match and part 1 of Joey's Wrestling School of Pain featuring Achilles vs Scrappy today!