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Rivet vs Falcon - Mat Wars 154

$ 31.25

Falcon shoves Rivet around the mat asking where he put his belongings. Falcon takes Rivet to the mat grinding into him to keep him pinned down. Falcon gets the upper hand on the bigger Rivet! Falcon schoolboy pins Rivet down demanding he give his belongings back! Rivet uses his power to throw Falcon around the mat and Falcon uses speed and technique to outsmart Rivet. Falcon locks Rivet down in a rear sleeper. Rivet plays dirty and uses a ball claw to fight out of Falcons grip! 

Rivet continues to play dirty and goes to unzip Falcon's zipper on his trunks. Falcon fights off Rivet's wandering hands. Rivet refuses to give up and bites down on Falcons shredded abs! Falcon moans in agony but does not let go! Rivet uses ab punches to open up Falcon so he can go for the zipper. Falcon plays dirty right back using a ball claw to get Rivet off of him! Falcon then humiliates Rivet doing pushups banging the zipper into Rivet's face over and over. An angry Rivet lifts Falcon up and goes for the zipper again! Rivet gets his hands on the zipper...is this the time it comes down?!

Refusing to lose, both men continue the fight for the zipper! Falcon squeezes Rivet in a chest to chest bearhug. Rivet returns the bearhug smothering Falcon in his chiseled pecs! Sweat pours as exhaustion sets in on both wrestlers. Rivet locks in a brutal head scissors on Falcon! Can Rivet knock Falcon out and finally get his zipper down? Download today and find out!