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Rivet vs Loki - Mat Rats 165

$ 31.59

Lesson number 1: Don't try to out-flex Loki unless you want to be ran off the mat.

From the very beginning, Loki shows his strength and skill by flinging Rivet upside down in a bearhug, causing Rivet's ribs to feel like they are about to snap. But Rivet refuses to back down and counters on the mat, only to find himself trapped in Loki's banana split submission.

Despite being leaner than Loki, Rivet proves to be just as strong as he yanks the 220 lbs bodybuilder off the mat into a fireman's carry and squats him over and over. Rivet goes for the pin, but Loki refuses to stay down for even a 2 count. Undeterred, Rivet goes for a standing head scissors, but Loki just stands up with Rivet on his massive shoulders, dropping him to the mat and locking in a brutal camel clutch.

Each move becomes tighter and harder, but Rivet refuses to tap out and throws counters at Loki, throwing him off his game. But with each move, Loki's domination over Rivet becomes more and more apparent. The question on everyone's mind is whether Rivet can overcome Loki's strength and wrestling prowess, especially while nursing an injury.

The climactic ending of this match is a must-see. Will Rivet be able to pull off an upset victory, or will Loki prove to be too much for him to handle? Download today to find out!