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Rome vs. Bolt - Custom Video Series 145

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

290 lbs. vs 150 lbs

Bolt hates bodybuilders--he's always wanted Thunders to be purely about wrestling. And despite his size, Bolt has used his anger and wrestling skills to take out big guys like Rhino, Steele and Brute. With muscle-monster Rome making so many Thunders fans swoon this fall, Bolt came back with one thing on his mind. "You guys aren't wrestlers. You couldn't pin a high-school wrestler if he gave you a two-and-a-half count head start." Bolt reminds Rome he took down Rhino and other titans before, "and you ain't half of what they were."

Rome wants to fight, not talk. "I will show you" he says with his Italian accent that would sound inviting if he were in the bedroom, but sounds frightening as he flexes his massive arms. The more Bolt tells Rome he doesn't have "fight" muscles, the closer Rome presses his 6'4 frame and his massive chest up against the hopelessly smaller Bolt's face. And when Bolt tries to surprise Rome with a flying tackle, Rome catches him like a pop fly.

As Rome hits beast mode, it looks like Bolt has flung his slingshot at the wrong giant. An over-the-shoulder backbreaker has Bolt screaming in pain, and a headlock makes clear that Bolt's legs are about the size of Rome's arms. A bearhug by dominant Rome is too much for Bolt, but just leaves Rome disgusted: "You're too skinny for me."

Bolt has always been a don't-ever-count-me-out guy, and he's not going to let this champion bodybuilder mop the floor with him. A cheap shot brings Mediterranean-accented screams, and when Bolt follows it up with a vicious sleeper, it's clear Rome will have to rely on more than his muscle. But while Rome merely wants to score a win over his small opponent, Bolt wants to humiliate the big guy. At one point, Bolt orders a disoriented Rome to "flex those big bodybuilder muscles," and the demoralized Italian titan has little choice but to give Bolt what he wants. As Bolt cups the big guy's biceps and triceps, Rome closes his eyes and tries to pretend this shocking turnaround isn't happening.

But Bolt becomes too focused on embarrassing Rome, and the determined giant finds an opening to regain his dominance. But has Rome taken too much punishment already? There are still claws, a brutal bearhug, stomps, sleepers, a head-scissors that puts one of these fighters into a slumber and a monsterous choke-lift that helps decide the match. Can Bolt carry out his mission to destroy one Thunders' most fearsome giants, or will Rome's overwhelming power bring him another victory?

When the eventual winner can't wake his knocked-out victim, he seems disappointed. "But if I ever see you outside the gym, you've got more of this coming."