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Rome vs Brix - Mat Rats 149

$ 25.95

Brix is immediately intimidated by the size of Rome. Rome snatches him up squeezing him in a chest to chest bearhug. He pulls him to the couch and locks a rear sleeper in choking the life out of Brix. IS BRIX IN OVER HIS HEAD AGAINST ROME? Pure domination answers that question as Brix is manhandled across the mat! Rome makes his victim call him the boss while torturing him. Adding insult to injury, he makes him go get him a water. But that was too slow for Rome and he yanks him up by his neck in a massive choke lift! Slamming and grinding him into the mat, he makes him call him the boss once again before pinning him down and flexing over him. Rome bosses his new b*tch around making him get him juice. As a thank you, Rome lifts Brix up in another choke lift this time using ONLY ONE ARM TO HOLD HIM MID-AIR! Rome slowly and viciously humiliates his opponent. Degrading him by making him pour water into his mouth and using him as furniture. The 290 pound bodybuilder continues his destruction of his small opponent with more bearhugs, chicken wing arm locks, side headlocks, MORE bearhugs, and torturous full nelsons and sleeper holds. After a BRUTAL GORILLA PRESS, Rome sits on Brix taking the air out of his lungs and then choking out the rest! Will Brix survive the 290 pound Rome dismantling him

Fans of big power moves (ESPECIALLY GORILLA PRESSES) this one is for YOU!