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Rome vs Eagle - Rough & Ready 139

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

This match features: Rome, Eagle, and Animal!

(Eagle was really injured during filming this day and had to be taken off site to be cared for)

Rome wakes up infuriated and pushes Eagle before picking him up in a smothering chest to chest bearhug! Eagle doesn't back down and fights out grabbing Rome in his own bearhug. Rome overpowers Eagle and locks in a rear sleeper. Eagle wants to show the massive bodybuilder he can go toe to toe with him and returns the move. Rome rips off Eagle's shirt and feels every muscle on his body. The two wrestler lock back up with the veteran Eagle using his experience to get on top of Rome. Rome's strength is too much to overcome and he eventually finds himself on top of Eagle with a tight camel clutch yanking the neck of his opponent. He swings around and clamps in a full nelson. Eagle counters dropping into a rear sleeper but Rome will not stop charging at him. He gets Eagle in a vicious side headlock and Eagle attempts but cannot pick up the giant man. He gets him on the mat and uses a head scissors. Eagle attempts to escape a counter and has his sweatpants ripped off him. He couldn't escape and is lifted into a choke lift! When Rome flexes Eagle comes up and lifts him off his feet this time in a fireman's carry! Eagle attempts to keep up with Rome as both men go back and forth with chest to chest bearhugs until Eagle is thrown down.

There is a pause in filming at this time because Rome NEEDED TO EAT! LITERALLY. WE HAD TO FEED THE BIG MAN. So, Eagle and Animal took that time to go ahead and film their own match because they had been wanting to wrestle each other all day.
Something very bad happened to Eagle so

Animal steps in to complete this match with Rome.  Rome was pissed he had to wrestle another skinny guy. They both flex off until Animal initiates the action grabbing Rome into a full nelson! Animal is manhandled but keeps his nonchalant attitude. He uses his skill to take Rome down and then flexes on top of him showing off. Animal starts to call out his moves to Rome but Rome's power keeps him at bay. Rome uses his strength and lifts Animal up into a giant gorilla press! He pins him to the mat with his foot and flexes for his fans. Can the beast Rome be slayed?