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Rome vs Iceman18 - Bodybuilder Battle 178

$ 31.25

Rome 6'2" 290 lbs vs Iceman 6' 230 lbs

OUT OF NOWHERE Rome low blows Iceman dropping him to the mat. He then wraps his giant thighs around his head and tries to pop Iceman's head off. After a struggle, Iceman gets up and bearhugs the 290 pound Rome before throwing him to the mat. Rome gets up and returns the favor with a rear sleeper. "YOU'RE SO WEAK!" Sweat pouring signals that this match is going to get INTENSE! Schoolboy pins, camel clutch holds, leg scissors, head locks, and gut punches are all used in a epic romp on the mat. The match moves to the feet and Rome lifts Iceman up in a fireman's carry. He then reps Iceman up in multiple choke lifts throwing him to the mat when he is done. "ITALIANS ARE SO MUCH BETTER!" Rome exclaims. Iceman is not to be outdone and lifts Rome up in a frustrated rage! He drops the behemoth in an over the knee backbreaker and furiously pounds his abs over and over. He then starts to play dirty and low blows Rome in payback from earlier. He then leans over Rome with his junk firmly in Rome's face and pins him 1, 2, 3! Rome is not happy with that and gets up lifting Iceman in a smothering chest to chest bearhug. Iceman is not going to back down and gets up and returns the chest to chest bearhug on Rome. Rome follows up with one more bearhug and throws Iceman to the mat. He flexes before Iceman talks too much and Rome decides to pin Iceman the same way as Iceman did him. He gets down, crushes Iceman's face with his junk, and pins him! Iceman struggles to his feet and swings at Rome! Rome ducks and lifts Iceman up like a baby. "AMERICANS ARE LIKE BABIES!" However, Iceman has a trick up his sleeve and pokes Rome between the eyes! He then lifts Rome up in a vicious chest to chest bearhug until Rome begs for mercy! Will Iceman end the 290 pound Italian bodybuilder?