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Rome vs Silas - Battlespace 150

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

Watch how Rome turns the cocky Silas into a pitiful poolboy!

Silas is in the wrong place at the wrong time and Rome SNATCHES HIM UP AND FORCES HIM TO WIPE THE WET MAT DOWN! Silas refuses and Rome engulfs him in a bearhug! Silas yells in pain but Rome has no mercy. He squeezes harder and harder dragging Silas around the mat! Silas plays dirty and uses his towel that is wiping the mat as a weapon. He wraps the towel around Rome's neck and chokes the massive bodybuilder to his knees! Silas wraps up Rome in a banana split but cannot hold Rome's giant legs apart for long. Rome throws Silas off and locks in a camel clutch sitting all 270 lbs of his shredded muscle on Silas's lower back!

Silas is smashed into a pile of destroyed muscle on the mat and Rome doesn't care. He still wipes the mat with Silas's face. Silas doesn't do a good enough job so Rome has to punish him more! Rome stretches out Silas on the mat pulling and pushing him into every position imaginable. The veins on Rome's bulging arms start to pop as he pulls with every bit of power he has! He flexes for the cameras showing off his pump while sitting on top of his victim! Rome drags Silas around the mat using him as a mop. Silas knows he has no chance fighting fair against Rome and hits him with a brutal low blow! 

Rome is over it and takes a break from mopping the mat with Silas. But Silas wants some more! He tracks down Rome in the kitchen drinking water and goes back to the action. Silas lifts the unsuspecting Rome in a massive choke lift! He slams Rome into the couch and locks in a deep rear sleeper. Rome uses sheer power to break free and throws Silas around the living for a few minutes before sitting all 270 lbs on him! Silas fights to breathe under all the weight! Silas has to once again use a hard low blow to get out of Rome's domination! Silas lifts Rome up taking him to a 3rd location and jumps up and down on the bodybuilder. Rome refuses to worship Silas and kicks him into the wall! Rome is officially pissed at this point! He grabs Silas by the balls and carries him back to the wet mat outside! Rome is going to make Silas finish the job!