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Rome vs Tattoo - Bodybuilder Battle 193

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

Rome vs 250 lbs Mystery Wrestler

Rome is surprised when the 250 lbs Tattoo comes in and starts to insult his physique! Rome engulfs the mystery wrestler in a tight full nelson! He thrashes Tattoo around the mat before lifting him up and brutally dropping him into an over the knee backbreaker! Tattoo gets off the mat and lunges at Rome picking him up in a bearhug. He squeezes tighter and tighter before slamming Rome to the mat!

Both bodybuilder's muscle begin to pump up and shine with sweat. Rome wraps Tattoo in a rear choke hold nearly putting the mysterious Tattoo to sleep! Rome then begins to crank on Tattoo's neck twisting harder and harder! Tattoo has no choice but to grab Rome by the balls to make him let go! Tattoo gets up and returns the move twisting at Rome's neck! He then wraps his defined quads around Rome's head and squeezes! Rome is stuck in the muscle beast's headscissors and painfully begins to lose oxygen. Tattoo isn't done with Rome just yet and yanks him up in a brutal chest to chest bearhug before slamming him to the mat!

Rome is over being manhandled by Tattoo and SNAPS! He grabs his victim by the neck and lifts him straight up! He drops him to the mat and wraps Tattoo in a small package stretching the bodybuilder further and further while he yells in pain!

Will Rome finish the job? Or will Tattoo add more to his mystery by taking out Rome and disappearing into the shadows of Thunders Arena?