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Johnny Bravo vs Pitbull - Rough & Ready 13A

Johnny Bravo vs Pitbull - Rough & Ready 13A

$ 31.25

Johnny Bravo vs Pitbull

Returning to the mat once again is our legend, Johnny Bravo. Weighing in at over 100 lbs more than Pitbull, Johnny easily lifts up Pitbull by his head and holds him upside down for nearly two minutes before slamming him to the ground! Pitbull tries his hardest to put up a fight, but Mr. Bravo nearly dislocates his arm after locking in one vicious arm bar throws after another. Try as he might, Pitbull just can't seem to catch a break. JB throws Pitbull to the mat once again and tries to pop his head off with a brutal head scissors. Johnny starts to squeeze the life out of Pitbull with a monstrous bear hug. Pitbull doesn't give up without a fight even after several nasty guillotines, full nelsons, flips, slams, and chokes. Pitbull just can't seem to catch a break as he attempts to pummel JB, hell he even tries to lift JB up in a bearhug with all his might but he is flicked right off. Mr Bravo simply picks up Pitbull by his neck and throws him to the mat like a wet towel but Pitbull isn't without any of his own tricks. Buy this video and watch Pitbull pull out all the stops in the middle of being a victim to all of the slams, chokes, flips, body scissors, arm bars, and much more!