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Cameron Mathews vs Frank & Cameron Mathews vs Coupe - Rough & Ready 15

Cameron Mathews vs Frank & Cameron Mathews vs Coupe - Rough & Ready 15

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Special Notice from the producer... These 2 matches were filmed by a camera man who did not realize that he had hit a switch on the camera that had turned off the sound. So both these matches were filmed with no sound. To make up for that we have had Cameron Mathews and Coupe come back into our studios and offer up their commentary, which we recorded live as they watched and reacted to seeing these matches for the first time. We hope you enjoy the Cameron Mathews & Coupe commentary instead of the normal soundtrack.

Cameron Mathews vs Frank the Tank

Back for another stunning match, Frank the Tank takes no time in wiping the mat clean with Cameron Mathews. Frank starts showing off be squatting Cameron several times before catapulting him into the air effortlessly. He continues his onslaught of pain by delivering an upside down bear hug quickly followed by a behind-the-back back breaker. Finally having a moment to himself, Cameron seizes the opportunity to put Frank into a full nelson but he quickly escapes and tries to break Cameron's legs off with a Boston crab. Cameron struggles to take control of the match, but Frank just places him in a brutal body scissors. The match finally begins to turn around once Cameron locks Frank in a head scissors and nearly chokes him out but Frank performs not one, but two back breakers in a row. Frank begins to dominate once again as he delivers a stellar full nelson followed by a rear choke. Not only does Frank gorilla press Cameron, he also launches him about ten feet in the air! You will see even more awesome moves like camel clutches, front and rear headlocks, pec claws, head scissors, body scissors, ab stretches, and much more!

Cameron Mathews vs Coupe

Cameron Mathews and Coupe are back for another action-packed match! It starts out with some meditation but since Cameron can't keep his mouth shut, Coupe challenges Cameron to a unique Native-American leg wrestling match as a test of core and leg strength. Coupe then places Cameron in a punishing head scissors with his massive thighs and struggles to escape as Coupe rolls around the floor with him. Once Cameron breaks free, he locks in a super tight full nelson on an unsuspecting Coupe and immediately follows it up with a spine-bending dragon sleeper. Cameron relentlessly continues his barrage of attacks with a body scissors and pec claw combo. Just when you think Coupe might actually have a chance, Cameron kicks him right into the pool! Coupe climbs out wet and ready to seek revenge. He yanks Cameron right into the pool with him where they continue battling it out in the water with low blows and gut punching and eventually make their way back to dry land. Coupe begins to make a comeback with a pretty serious camel clutch that quickly transitions into a body scissors that crushes the wind right out of Cameron. His comeback is quickly put to a halt when Cameron manages an ultra-rare reverse indian death lock. Still amazing action like head scissors, rear naked chokes, ab stretches, figure 4 leg locks and much more were done back and forth in this match to each other. It's really awesome to see these two men in action!