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Cameron Mathews vs Frank - Rough & Ready 15A

$ 31.25

Frank the Tank takes no time in wiping the mat clean with Cameron Mathews. Frank starts showing off be squatting Cameron several times before catapulting him into the air effortlessly. He continues his onslaught of pain by delivering an upside down bear hug quickly followed by a behind-the-back back breaker. Finally having a moment to himself, Cameron seizes the opportunity to put Frank into a full nelson but he quickly escapes and tries to break Cameron's legs off with a Boston crab. Cameron struggles to take control of the match, but Frank just places him in a brutal body scissors. The match finally begins to turn around once Cameron locks Frank in a head scissors and nearly chokes him out but Frank performs not one, but two back breakers in a row. Frank begins to dominate once again as he delivers a stellar full nelson followed by a rear choke. Not only does Frank gorilla press Cameron, he also launches him about ten feet in the air! You will see even more awesome moves like camel clutches, front and rear headlocks, pec claws, head scissors, body scissors, ab stretches, and much more!