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Cameron Mathews vs Edge - Rough & Ready 16A

$ 31.25

Cameron Mathews vs Edge

Edge was voted into Thunder's Arena as a wrestler by our Thunder TV fans. I had no idea he would turn out to be such an awesome kick butt wrestler. He comes in with such an attitude and boy he can back it up. He loves to destroy and hurt and humiliate people. Edge has one serious mean streak that is all about total control. This match starts is brutal from start to finish with one of the MOST amazing punching scenes I have ever filmed. I want to stress we did NOTHING in editing of this match to enhance or improve the fight scenes. What you see is what I saw when we filmed it and it is brutal and not for the faint of heart to watch. Cameron Mathews actually had to take off several weeks from wrestling to heal up after his match with Edge, you wanna find out why?...buy this match you will see the domination you have been waiting for all year!

Pitbull vs Conan

Mr. Mike answers his phone one day to discover a very cool surprise. Australian fans of Thunder's Arena have been talking us up so good down under that PRO BODYBUILDERS now want to come wrestle for us! That's right Conan is a pro bodybuilder from Australia who a fan referred him to our site and he couldn't wait to call us up and audition to join the roster. Pitbull has been asking for another chance at one of the big guys to redeem himself from the loss to Johnny Bravo so I thought this would make a great audition match to see if Conan has what it takes to take names and get the job done in Thunders. So if you like big vs little match ups of real 255 lbs pro bodybuilders taking on real 180 lbs. college wrestlers this is the match for you.