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Pitbull vs Beur & Slash vs Angel - Rough & Ready 19

Pitbull vs Beur & Slash vs Angel - Rough & Ready 19

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Pitbull vs Beur

Beur is back, ready to rock and roll on the mat against Pitbull. While back fans wrote in asking us to put together some real classic MMA style matches with lots of mat work and guard work. Beur has done a lot of cage fighting and he wanted to show off by getting the submission on Pitbull in first few minutes using a rear naked choke. Pitbull taps out then comes back with his front headlock sleeper combo. They both like to use the legs and get a lot of body scissors and head scissors in between using chokes from the guard. You will see multiple submissions as we did this match for whoever has the most submissions at the end wins. Beur is winded and his cardio may not be as good as Pitbull but he loves to shoot in and go for those leg trips to bring his guy down and choke him out. This is some of the best submission fighting I have filmed here at Thunder's between two very skilled guys. It's real and intense with lots of great mat work grinding it out to get the other guy to give up! So if you like real submisson matches with lots of great takedowns, and long holds held in the guard position working for that ultimate submission in crazy positions, this is your kind of match! You will see some INTENSE bearhugs and tons of scissor holds, headlocks, arm bars, leg locks, and real choke outs. These two fought it out for real, we later learned after filming the match that these two had mad a side bet before the match which is why they fought so hard on film.

Slash vs Angel
Keeping up with the REAL wrestling action, both Angel and Slash had wrestled CONAN earlier that day. Well from hanging out they got to talking and seems Angel smacked talked that he was the better wrestler in high school than Slash. Well Slash challenged Angel to a real high school style wrestling match with pins and a few submissions thrown in for fun and asked us to film it. Angel never backs down from a challenge and he goes into it with all his might even landing a sleeper on Slash early in the match that Slash had to power out. Slash them counters and does Saturday night ride (Spladle) and lucky Angle slips out. You can tell these two have no love for each other as they do their takedowns and go right into painful pinning combos trying to get the pin. Slash small packages Angel so hard he almost has to eat his own knee. Angel breaks out then attacks with more bearhugs and suddenly finds himself trapped again in body scissors. The back and forth, give and take counters in this match is amazing! Still Slash has those powerful thighs and he likes to crush Angel's small waist with them. Angel does put with with that kind of abuse and counters with a head scissors that almost makes Slash pass out as he figure-4'ed the head so tight. This match is by far really intense in how much these two work on trying to hurt each other in their crushing bearhugs and scissor holds. A must "must have" match for fans of both bearhugs and scissor holds to add to your collection.