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Jack McHawk vs Tak - Rough & Ready 22

$ 25.95
$ 31.25

Growing up in the same house as muscular wrestling god Impact has accustomed Tak to grappling with a dude bigger than he is. Given the strength and, um, impact of his brother, though, we find it hard to believe that Tak has grown accustomed to coming out on top. But if anyone here at Thunders Arena epitomizes the rough and ready attitude we love, its the All-American Kid. He competes to win, and he competes fearlessly, giving 110% even in the most hopeless of situations. And hes not above picking a fight with the big boys. Recently he broke the handles off big Jack McHawks stretch rope while working his arms and shoulders (he claims). Jack cant quite swallow Taks self-congratulatory explanation of events, asking, How have I had this thing for four years and your ass is half my size and you manage to break them? I dont know, man, Tak replies, popping a hard bicep for effect. You might wanna head up to that YMCA, though. Jack then asks what became of the broken handles, and Tak cavalierly admits to tossing them in the trash. Is that what you do, you break peoples shit and throw it away? Jack inquires, his brow reddening. I only do that when I know the people wont do anything about it. Hmm. It looks like the all-American might be cruising for a bruising. And McHawk gives it to him, binding Taks arms with the cord and marching him to the mat for a lesson in manners and property rights. Jack scissor-chokes, bear chops, and cradles Tak till the kid can barely catch his breath. Still, after all that, Tak mouths off, Hey, let me know when youre done warming up. Well, Jack McHawk is definitely done with warming up, and with no ref or rulebook within a mile of the Arena, he will not be paying close attention to Taks attempts to tap out. A one-legged crab hold follows, and Jack threatens to touch the kids heel and head together. When the wisecracks continue, he makes it a two-legged hold. Then he pushes Tak up in an overhead press, up high where the air is thin. Lots of chokes and backbreakers follow. Clearly, Jack has the brawn to grind Tak into burger, and the stamina to do it all day long, but can he make this smart aleck change his wayward ways?