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Zman vs Luger - Rough & Ready 27

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

New Big man at 240 lbs vs frat boy model at 165 lbs Z-Mans thousand-dollar smile is in a heap of trouble as he faces down Thunders Arenas newest heavyweight, Luger, who holds a 75-pound weight

advantage. I'm not running, Z-Man explains, unconvincingly, I'm just getting ready. Ready perhaps, hard as even that is to believe, but is Z-Man packing enough rough to take on this man-beast in a Rough & Ready match? Luger shows no sign of being impressed with Zacks mat savvy and experience or with his brave talk about chopping the big mans legs out from under him. The strongman tosses the pretty boy around like hes pizza dough, squeezed, pounded, and stretched. And Zack finds himself incapable of even a minimally adequate defense. Only two minutes into being slammed and hugged by the massive newcomer, Z-Man is gulping for air, eyes already bloodshot and reeling. But there's more yet to come: nelsons, knee drops, bearhugs, chokelifts, backbreakers, clotheslines, and headlocks, too. Luger declares trash-talking fitness models an endangered species as he wallops Zack is six directions at once. His ham-sized fists smack the cover boys ribs and abs like sledgehammers. Just one of these blows would be enough to take most wrestlers out. Halfway through the match, Z-Man has all but lost the power of speech. If he survives a pulverizing two-minute headscissors, which you'll have to see to appreciate, it will be a miracle. A stupefying airplane spin leads to a series of pulverizing jolts to the spine that stops only when Luger decides its time to drop his opponent on his head: a consummate demonstration of demolition wrestling. All we have to say is we hope Z-Man has no plans for his backbone for the next two weeks!