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Titan vs Angel - Rough & Ready 03A

$ 31.25

Zman Zack vs Gianni in Zack Dominates

Ever come home from a really bad day and want to take it out on someone by beating the crap out of them? Well Z-Man must have sure had one BAD day because he beat the crap out of our newest wrestlers Gianni. This is by far the most aggressive and dominating I've ever seen Z-man. He just kept trapping Gianni in submission hold, after submission hold, and make the poor sucker tap, over and over again screaming, "I give!!!". Plus, Z-Man would crank the hold on harder if Gianni did not tap loud enough or scream loud enough, it is just brutal! I swore he was out to break something on this guy. Why is Z-Man so pissed, we just don't know but man I am sure glad I wasn't Gianni that day! Total destruction, domination and humiliation. Our webmaster thinks Gianni suffered brilliantly against the onslaught of moves but after that torture session, will he come back is what I'm worried about. This was a new guy smackdown like I've never witnessed with lots of bearhugs, camel clutches, Boston Crabs, head scissors, arm bars, surfboards, and leg locks.