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Frey vs Python - Rough & Ready 31

$ 22.99
$ 31.25

Frey steps up to Python who has returned and Frey introduces himself, Frey "The Beautiful." Python replies back "fragile" as Frey chuckles a little at the joke. Frey then begins to start flexing his biceps showing of to Python. Python observes and then shows off his guns as they both turn to camera and compare muscles to the audience, flexing their legs and chest. Frey asks Python to do a double bicep pose as he turns his back to the camera and flexes a double bicep. Frey takes a look and then quickly sets himself behind python and locks in a full nelson. Picking up Python and turning him around, stretching him out. Frey holds in the full nelson and takes Python down to the mat keeping him in submission for a while until Python breaks free. They lock up and Python takes the upper hand, he takes Frey's arm to swing around to his back holding his arm until Frey reverses out of the move and puts Python into a headlock. They continue to go back and forth trying to keep the other one locked in and it just gets better as the match continues on.