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Rough & Ready 32 - Vinny vs Dakota

$ 31.25

Battle of the Chicken Soup Protein!
Vinny is telling fans about his chicken soup flavor protein. Dakota walks in, "Why you eating my stuff?" Vinny puffs his chest, "Go cry me a river! What are you gonna do about it?" Dakota isn't intimidated, "You got some big brass balls!" Vinny isn't about the disrespect and bearhugs Dakota, who moans in pain.
Dakota escapes, sneaks behind Vinny, and bearhugs him back, "You gonna eat my chicken soup flavor protein powder now?" Vinny groans in agony and is thrown down. They lock up. Dakota takes Vinny down in a tight headlock. "How you like being on your back? You used to being on your back?" 
Vinny scissors Dakota and headlocks him back, "Kiss the ground!" They lock up again. Dakota locks in a NECK-BREAKING full nelson, "Let's see you get out of this!" Vinny grunts, flexes his boulder biceps, and breaks the hold. Dakota picks the muscle giant up on one shoulder and BODYSLAMS him to the mat. "I'm gonna teach you a lesson, not to take stuff that's not yours!" 
Vinny gets a massive takedown. He straddles Dakota on the mat, gut punches his abs, and chokes him with his forearm. "I can't breathe!" Both stand up, and Dakota delivers a vicious SNAPMARE TAKEDOWN! He grabs the protein powder jug and SMASHES it against Vinny's skull!
"Get up!" Dakota locks in a crippling camel clutch. Vinny groans in pain, "I'll get you!" He transitions to a sit down Boston crab. "You ain't doing any damage!" says Vinny as he flexes his biceps and flips Dakota off him.
Vinny DDT's Dakota three times and applies his own camel clutch. "How you like them apples!" Dakota screams in pain and gasps for breath! Vinny locks in a SKULL-CRUSHING standing head scissors. "I think I'm gonna pass out!" Vinny let's him go. BIG MISTAKE! Dakota bearhugs Vinny, throws him down, and stomps his abs!
Vinny recovers and TORTURE RACKS Dakota shaking him up and down! Dakota is struggling and is dropped to the mat. Vinny locks in a tight arm bar, "Show me what you got!" Dakota breaks free and delivers a massive ab stretch / arm lock combo!
Both muscle titans exchange choke holds, gut punches, and back-breaking bearhugs! A MEXICAN SURFBOARD has one wrestler screaming in pain! Who will get the win and claim their chicken soup protein prize? You won't believe how this match ends!