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Braden Charron Tak Frey Three way bodyscissors threeway

Braden Charron vs TAK - Rough & Ready 34

$ 31.25

We find Tak sitting in front of the window staring outside waiting for his next opponent to step in. When he finally shows up he sees that its Braden Charron whom he wrestled a while ago and was Braden's first match. Tak notices the much bigger Braden whom he lost to and makes fun of Braden just like before with the hair gel and his big Boston belly. These two start off by doing the test of strength for a while and then Tak quickly swings over Bradens back with his legs wrapped around his left arm and holding on tight to his right arm, stretching Braden out. Braden tries to break the hold but is taken down and quickly gets caught in a head scissors. And tak doesn't stop there, he keeps on getting Braden and different holds like a head lock and the Boston crab as he keeps working on one of Braden's knees as well. Don't give up hope for Braden though, he bounces back with some moves of his own. Catching Tak in a bear hug for a long time as well as a full nelson. Not giving Tak a chance to even try to escape. Braden finally gets Tak into an over the knee back breaker, hitting his chest a few times. Just when it looks like its the end for Tak, someone steps in to give Tak a hand. That person is none other than new comer Frey who comes to the rescue to help take out the bully. Will the bully take down both Tak and Frey or lose it all...?