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Dominic Braden charron vicious backbreaker submission hold submit

Braden Charron vs Dominic - Rough & Ready 35

$ 25.95

Dominic is pissed off and yelling at Braden to get his fat ass out onto the mat. Braden comes storming in, ‘who’re you calling fat!?’ These guys are already heated up from the get go and ready to destroy one another. Braden picks Dominic up and begins to crush him in a bearhug, before dropping him down to the mat. Dominic’s just getting warmed up he says and takes his turn to crush Braden in a bearhug himself. The two guys start arguing over fat vs muscle and begin flexing and showing off for the camera, both claiming they’re more muscular than the other. Dominic loves flexing and showing off, crushing Braden just to throw him off screen so he can flex some more. Braden doesn’t like being thrown said like that and comes running in to put Dominic in a iron tight full nelson that Dominic just can’t flex out of. Braden drags him around for a bit before flinging him to the ground and taunting him some. These two muscle bound guys are going all out against each other to prove they’re the strongest. Watch as the Braden and Dominic lock each other in a head scissors and crush the others skulls, competing to make the other give up first. They take turns gut punching the other to prove they have the strongest punches. Both guys are of similar size and it’s hard for either one to get a huge advantage of the other. Each time Dominic starts to get the upper hand, Braden surprises him with some crushing muscle moves. Dominic never gives up though, doing his best to dominate Braden into submission. Which muscle boy comes out victorious, watch today to find out.