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Braden Charron vs Python - Rough & Ready 38

$ 34.75

Braden find out what Python is all about and his signature headlock that he is known for.Braden and Python start off face to face. Braden examines Python and checks out his huge arms. He tells Python to flex his bicep ti=o the camera. And here starts the muscle flex off with Braden then flexing his bicep in front of Python. They keep comparing triceps, shoulders and chests and back to bicep. After the flex off Braden tests out the amazing headlock move that Python is so well know for. He tells Python to throw him into one of his headlocks however he wants to and then Braden would get him in one next. Braden isn't the least bit impressed with Python's headlock. So enough with the headlocks these two finally get into wrestling. Braden takes the lead by setting up Python into not just one bearhug but 3 bearhugs in a row. With that last bearhug, Braden turns it into an over the knee back breaker to Python. Things aren't looking so good for are headlock champion. But will Python be able to turn things around and take over the match?