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Zman vs Sebastien - Rough & Ready 06A Halloween 2015

$ 31.59

Part 3 of the Z-Man verses Sebastien war is definitely the BEST yet! Sebastien wanted to surprise Z-man with a little Halloween treat called PAIN, lots of PAIN. This is the best match we have done with Z-man in showing off his amazing body. Sebastein bearhugs a lot, plus sleepers Z-man out 2 times in this match and wakes him up by pouring water all over his face. Then he busts out the weapons and Z-man has to struggle to keep his pretty boy good looks as he fights for every breath since Sebastein starts choking him with a bandana. Next, Sebastein tries to bash in Z-man's skull with a steel night stick, which they struggle to get control over in some really wild mat action! Sebastein pulls no punches and uses a LOT of dirty tricks with that night stick like low blows, bearhugs, and more choking. Sebastien wants nothing more than to punish Z-man and destroy those rock hard abs. Right when you think Z-man just can't take any more punishment, Sebastein whips out another weapon...steel chains. Now it's gut punching on Z-man's perfect abs with chains and a hit to his face that left Z-Man with a real fat lip. Sebastein doesn't stop there with Z-man all beat up, and grabs a roll of duck tape and starts tying up Z-man for his final submission...domination and destruction, pritty boy in pain, trick or treat Z-man.....