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Sebastien vs Angel - Rough & Ready 07A

Sebastien vs Angel - Rough & Ready 07A

$ 34.75


Angel vs Sebastein

Domination...Best left for the professionals on this one and Sebastein is a professional at dominating the pretty boys here at Thunder's Arena. He ran into Angel one day training and of course our scrappy little Terrier Angel had to shoot his mouth off about how he's the best. Sebastein just doesn't stand for being disrespected in any way. That triggered it and the match it made for you to watch is amazing! Our two best super cocky bad boys going at it with all there might. There is lots of trash talk, super power moves like gorilla press, over head press, bearhug after bearhug, dirty tricks, ab stretches, gut punches, full nelsons, and the famous one arm choke slam all done to dominate and destroy Angel's wrestling career. Angel's tough and even when he was submitted over and over, he only begged for mercy once.