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Sampson vs Bryce & Z-Man vs Mystery Wrestler??? - Rough & Ready 08

Sampson vs Bryce & Z-Man vs Mystery Wrestler??? - Rough & Ready 08

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Sampson vs Bryce Revenge Match

Bearhugs, bone crushing revenge type bearhugs, full nelsons, head scissors, sleepers, camel clutch, over the shoulder backbreakers, cradels, boston crabs, crotch throws, over the knee back breakers, crotch lifts, and a rack all make up the total destruction and domination moves used in this match of Sampson's revenge on Bryce for interfearing in his match with Billy the Kid. Will Bryce surive? or will he beg for mercy? Sampson is pissed in this battle and to make matters worse, Bryce teases Sampson about his past of being the fat little kid! That is like running up to a grizzly bear and poking it with a stick, just not smart. If you enjoy watching an all out battle with great mat moves leading up to full blown domination and destruction, well this is the match for you...enjoy!

Z-Man Zack vs ??? a new unknown wrestler 

Z-Man Zack is home, minding his own business, when there is a knock at the door. When he answers the door, he discovers a new punk ass wrestler that just jumps up in his face and challenges him. This new mystery wrestlers is one of the hottest new dancers in Orlando, so the battle of the pritty boys is is on with lots of flexing! Z-Man Zack has been trainning for a big model shoot and he looks awesome. Z-man is shredded, cut, and tan unlike you have ever seen before. His attitude is off the chart cocky and he flexes and poses showing off his great new look, over and over on this video. You will still see your favorite wrestling moves like Boston crab, head scissors, camel clutch, full nelson, and lots of body slams of various kinds plus a rack submission in this match. Who is this new wrestler? Well your going to have to risk it and find out. You already and know and love Z-Man Zack so you know what half the match looks like, the rest is a grand adventure, take a risk, live a little, you'll be glad you did.