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Sampson vs Billy & Bryce??? - Rough & Ready 06B

$ 34.75

Sampson vs Billy the Kid & Bryce

Billy the kid has flat out, lost his mind. Billy is only 5'9 and 140 pounds and he starts out challenging SAMPSON?? The one man who has over 100 pounds on him... Well you gotta admit the boy has courage. Still, Sampson tears into this kid with lots of choke slams, and bearhugs, and body scissors. The kid even gets gorilla pressed over Sampson's head like over 10 times in a row! Sampson racks him, over the should back breaker, and even crotch throws this boy several times. Billy is pressed overhead over and over, and comes crashing down each time, until Bryce shows up on the scene. Is Bryce trying to help Billy? Well just having Bryce there starts distracting Sampson. Yet, that isn't enough for Billy to get the edge, Sampson just grabs both Billy & Bryce and starts in his trademark 2 man trapped in one bearhug submission! These 2 don't have a chance against Sampson's RAW power and they get carried and slammed and bearhugged into submission, over and over. Sampson is a wrecking machine and these 2 men are next on his list...watch the destruction and domination.