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Scrappy v Aspen - No Holds Barred 170

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

"This is what you want to see. I'm just gonna whoop some a** whoever they put in front of me!" flexes Scrappy putting on a show for his fans. Out of nowhere, Aspen BARRELS in like a linebacker with an over-the-shoulder takedown and hammers away on the vet with his meaty forearms. "Who are you? Who do you think you are coming in here?" asks Scrappy. "This is my ring boy!" declares Aspen taking him down again. The hairy hunk pins his victim face first to the mat and SMACKS his beefy glutes harder and harder sending him into a rage! "You're gonna hit me? Do you know who you're f***ing with?" Scrappy breaks away confronting his attacker who clearly isn't intimidated, "You didn't see the name above the door when you came in?" A massive tie up leads to Aspen wrapping his bulging bicep around the vet in a vicious GUILLOTINE CHOKE. Scrappy gasps for air and is taken down where the muscle beast mounts his prey stretching his arm nearly out of socket and POUNDS away at his beefy chest! "Just come in here and attack me like that?" groans the vet writhing in pain as Aspen pins back his arms and bearhugs him on the mat. Returning to their feet, Scrappy recovers picking up the burly beast in a fireman's carry, "I'm not going down that easy! Think you're the only strong guy in the room?" Incredibly, Aspen overpowers the vet sliding down his chiseled back and drags him to the mat for a CRUSHING scissor/sleeper combo! "Don't do it tight; take it easy!" pleads Scrappy as the hairy hulk transitions to a scissor/full nelson combo. The intense struggle has both muscle hunks dripping with sweat and breathing heavy. "I don't know who you are, but you're pretty strong!" admires Scrappy. An exchange of multiple RIB-CRACKING belly to belly bearhugs leads to an all-out brawl down on the mat! Scrappy locks in a scissors gut punching the beast's furry abs, but Aspen breaks out paying him back with a crippling arm and leg stretch. Pec claws, forearm blows, leg drops, stomps to the abs, these boys are out for blood trying to rip each other apart! Aspen rears back delivering a flying SHOULDER TACKLE setting the vet up for a devastating arm lock. Scrappy howls in pain; his bones seconds away from snapping. "My arm! I thought you were gonna break it for a second!" Even Aspen is winded admiring his opponent, "You got a lot of stamina for your age!" A darkness begins to emerge, as the hairy beast brings out a world of torture you will not believe! An upside down belly to back bearhug and massive PILEDRIVER nearly knock the vet out as Aspen bodysplashes his motionless victim sucking every last breath from his lungs for the pin. "One, two, three, that was fun!" laughs the devious behemoth as Scrappy peels himself up off the floor afraid of what's to come, "You're crazy!" Hungry for revenge, the vet slams the muscle beast into the wall and UNLOADS on his abs with brutal gut punches and a sharp knee to the ribs! Aspen can barely stand, falling forward as Scrappy grabs him by the throat, "I want some more!" The gut punches get even harder as the burly bodybuilder collapses to the mat, and Scrappy locks in a LEG-SNAPPING figure four leg lock! Agonizing screams fill the arena as Aspen is powerless to break free. A battle for dominance has both titans bringing out all the stops smacking each other's beefy glutes harder and harder until they can't take the pain! The heart-pounding action continues: forearm smashes, tornado fireman's carry, a neck-breaking POWERBOMB! "You're so young and fresh! You thought this was the ring? You just wait!" A sinister laughs will send chills down your spine; you won't believe what happens next!