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Scrappy v Bull - Bodybuilder Battle 133

$ 34.75

"What do you want?" asks the 6'1" 265lbs behemoth towering over the small vet. "I want muscle like you. You're really huge!" Scrappy is in awe as Bull flexes his bulging bicep totally eclipsing the vet's face from the camera. "Maybe we could tie up or something?" Scrappy tries to lock up with the beast but is pushed away CRASHING into the wall! "Bet you can't curl me!" "I could curl you!" The behemoth easily picks the lightweight up across his 58 inch gorilla size chest curling him like a child before dropping him. "Bet you can't do squats with me on your back!" Scrappy jumps on the mountain of muscle SQUEEZING his thick neck as hard as he can in a sleeper, but he feels nothing. "How many you want?" Bull squats the vet then launches him down. "I just want to be like you, all that muscle!" groans Scrappy struggling to his feet. Playtime is over as the beast lifts the vet in a RIB-CRUSHING belly to belly bearhug; his pythons dig deeper and deeper as he screams, "You squeeze tight! I get the point; you can let go now!" Scrappy crumbles to the mat clutching his aching back as the merciless giant yanks him to his feet by his hair wrapping him up in a NECK-BREAKING full nelson. "I just wanted to talk about your muscle; see maybe if you can help me out?" moans the vet. "Help you out? I'll stretch you out!" The dominant behemoth drags his victim to the ground and locks in a crushing body scissors. "Not your legs, not your massive legs!" gasps Scrappy as Bull's quads of steel obliterate his insides. "I will break you in half; that's my new goal. You will learn today!" Barely able to stand, the vet tries to topple the behemoth lifting his tree trunk leg, but he doesn't budge. "You said you wanna be like me; you can't lift my leg? Try again!" Scrappy tries harder and harder but can't move the muscle monster and is PUSHED to the mat completely gassed. Helpless to escape, Bull wraps his meathook size hands around his victim's throat in a massive chokelift! The vet struggles to stay conscious as his eyes roll back in his head. "Can't hear you? You talk a whole lot!" taunts the beast dropping the lightweight to the mat. Scrappy stumbles to his feet before two brutal clotheslines nearly knock him out! Laid out on his back, the vet gasps for air as the 265 pounder CRUSHES his rib cage with his foot flexing his mountainous frame. "Please bro, please!" Bull presses deeper; his bones ready to shatter at any moment, "I'm not your bro!" The torture ends as the muscle stud peels himself off the mat and crazily agrees to a mercy challenge with the muscle monster! "You're so strong!" screams Scrappy crumbling under the behemoth's sheer power; his wrists nearly breaking as he's driven all the way to his back! "I'm gonna let you have a freebie!" taunts Bull as the lightweight recovers and tries to hammerlock his powerful python. The devious heavyweight toys with his victim waiting until Scrappy has him "locked in" then easily breaks free delivering a massive CLOTHESLINE! Incredibly, the vet tries again and again with the same result until he can no longer get up; his bell rung way too many times! "Why don't you hit that double bicep? Show everybody those huge guns!" coaches Scrappy. "That's what muscle looks like!" flexes Bull as the vet surprises him with a STANDING CRUCIFIX, but he feels nothing even squatting the lightweight. "So you wanna be me?" The behemoth sets Scrappy down and grabs his arms forcing him to flex like a puppet master, "Flex, hold that s**t! You wanna be me? That's how you do it!" Scrappy continues his lesson but is gut punched and SLAMMED to the mat when Bull is unhappy with his performance, "You're really a waste of time!" The brutal battle continues as the final moments will leave you in complete shock: a RIB-SHATTERING stomp, devastating chokelift, and overhead press! "You could never be me! I told you I was gonna break you!"