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Scrappy vs Dom9 - Battlespace 133

$ 34.75

"Who the f*** is this kid? Are you flexing?" taunts Dom9 stepping into his den of domination, his sights on his next victim. "Give the fans what they want. Nice vest, it's a little tight! You covering up, afraid you don't got a chest like this?" mocks Scrappy. "I didn't want to embarrass you. One day, you'll get there!" The leather-bound behemoth joins in, flexing his tree-trunk quads. "Interrupt me? You must not know who Scrappy is!" Locking up, Dom9 breaks away lifting the vet on his boulder shoulder parading him around the arena. "Did you say Scrappy? You're a little scrappy, but I'll show you how to dominate!" threatens the beast SLAMMING his prey down. "That's my name b****! I'll show you how to wrestle, how to flex. Might even take that vest show you how to wear that s**t!" Both muscle hunks compare double biceps when Scrappy surprises the 190 pounder with a tight rear bearhug SHAKING him as he moans in pain. Back on his feet, the enraged Dom9 barrels in choking the vet with his meaty forearms as he gasps for air narrowly escaping with an elbow to the ribs. Another powerful tie up has Scrappy striking first hoisting the behemoth up in a NECK-BREAKING full nelson, "Break out of that!" His chiseled frame stretched to its limits, the muscle monster flexes tighter and tighter finally breaking the viselike grip. Still winded, Scrappy pushes the beast into the wall and POUNDS away at his rock-hard abs, "I like that vest; it comes in handy!" Dom9 struggles to breathe; the vet holds tight to his vest pinning him close when a surge of strength has him breaking free angrier than ever, "F*** this!" The master of pain slams his victim into the wall and UNLOADS on his ripped abs with forearm smashes that will blow you away! "Get down!" orders the behemoth as Scrappy collapses; his face driven deep into the mat. Dom9 mounts his prey's chiseled back YANKING his arms nearly out of socket while he screams in agony, "How you like that?" The dominant beast starts getting up when Scrappy tries for a surprise cradle, but he is too strong! Winded, the vet is tossed down where a 190lbs BODYSPLASH sucks every last breath from his lungs as he's rolled into a pin barely escaping. "Pretty even match, you're still gonna lose; this is my mat!" declares Scrappy. "You kidding me?" The muscle hunks chest bump each other harder and harder; the thunderous sound sends shockwaves through the arena. Using the distraction, the vet charges in lifting Dom Knight in a TORNADO FIREMAN'S CARRY, "You got some pretty solid legs; nothing that Scrappy can't take care of!" Groaning in pain, the behemoth gut punches his captor's abs over and over finally breaking away leaving both completely gassed from the intense struggle. First to recover, the vet wrangles the big man down for a grueling half nelson/scissor combo, "That little vest doesn't fit you; your nipples are out!" Scrappy TWISTS Dom9's nipple as hard as he can sending him into a blind rage! Powering out, the master of pain wraps his quads of steel around his helpless victim, "Show you a real body scissors!" Bone-splintering sounds fill the arena as Scrappy screams in agony and feverishly taps out, "I can't breathe!" His cries for mercy only fuel the beast who SQUEEZES harder tightening his beefy bicep around his throat. Engulfed in the mountain of rock-hard muscle, Scrappy's chiseled frame begins to fade passing out in the powerful embrace. "I'm not done with you! Get up!" Dom Knight smacks his victim awake who surprisingly barrels in for a RIB-CRACKING belly to belly bearhug, "I'm gonna put your a** to sleep, take that vest, and rock it ten times better!" The behemoth struggles to breathe crumbling to the mat as he's stomped into the ground and met with a brutal bodysplash. "You're not pinning me!" groans the beast; the vet tries again for a cradle but locks in a BACK-BREAKING Boston crab, "You're the one everyone's talking about, that new muscle? About time you had some Scrappy though!" Barely moving, Dom9 stumbles to his feet but soon recovers as the titans lock up for a mercy challenge! Veins pop, muscles strain under the intense pressure as the vet drops to his knees but doesn't quit. "You lost!" A ruthless kick to the chest sends Scrappy crashing down gasping for air. "Get up! I'll show you a real bearhug!" The leather-bound behemoth wraps his powerful pythons around his prey PULVERIZING his ribs as he screams in pain collapsing down into a crippling one-leg Boston crab. "You're gonna break my leg!" pleads Scrappy refusing to tap out. Dom9 senses blood in the water and wraps his tree-trunk quads around the vet in a SKULL-SPLITTING standing head scissors. Bloods rushes from his brain as the monster slaps his beefy quads adding more pain before taking his scissors to the mat. "Oh yeah, it's in there now!" The beast squeezes even tighter nearly putting Scrappy to sleep but lets him go for more torture. A crushing sleeper, leg lock, sharp elbows to the abs, fireman's carry, shoulder tackles, gut punches: this brutal battle leads to a HEART-STOPPING finish! "Save my best for last; you won't be waking up any time soon!"