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Scrappy vs KaSee - Battlespace 135

$ 31.25

"Whoever wins gets to decide: log cabin in the woods or condo in Miami!" An argument erupts on the mat as friends turned roommates can't agree where to live. "I want some nature, away from everything!" says Kasee. "We're young! What happens when you wanna party; you gonna drive three hours?" asks Scrappy. A shoving match breaks out with each hunk standing their ground. "I like to get my way!" declares Scrappy. "I'm the best, and the best gets his way!" threatens Kasee as he BARRELS in like a linebacker hoisting the vet up for a massive shoulder carry! "I didn't know you were that strong! Got your Tarzan trunks, so you can live in the woods?" groans Scrappy struggling to breathe. "Yeah, I wanna swing on my vines while I kick your a**!" flexes Kasee SLAMMING the vet hard on his back. Hungry for payback, Scrappy gets up trying for a shoulder carry, but Kasee leans over keeping him pinned down. "We're gonna live where I want!" "I don't think so!" Overpowered, Scrappy is lifted in an UPSIDE DOWN belly to back bearhug and held up by his legs as he begs for mercy, "Put me down!" "No, I want you to say it, log cabin!" orders Kasee. The vet refuses to give in and is dropped on his face; his tiny green posers struggling to contain his beefy glutes. "I'm gonna get bored living in a cabin! We need to be around people!" Kasee flexes a double bicep as the devious Scrappy drills his abs and picks him up in a RIB-CRACKING rear bearhug. "My ribs! Let me down!" Gasping for air, the vet crumbles to the mat where he's met with a brutal Boston crab! Kasee's back is on fire seconds away from snapping when Scrappy brings out a new torturous move: a reverse FIGURE EIGHT LEG LOCK! "Say we're living in the city! You still wanna live in the woods with the birds and the bears?" Upside down, Scrappy yanks back on Kasee's chin as hard as he can nearly breaking his neck as he claws the mat in agony, "I give! I give! Where did you learn that?" "You just gotta try new things sometimes!" Barely moving, the ruthless Scrappy wraps his hands around the vet's throat dragging him to his feet and shoves him into the wall. "Living in a high rise, walking on the beach every day, it's perfect! How many times do I gotta beat it into you?" Scrappy HAMMERS away on Kasee's chiseled abs as he screams in pain! His eyes roll to the back of his head as he collapses to the mat barely conscious. "Get up! Make it a little bit harder for me!" taunts Scrappy wrapping his quads of steel around his friend in a front-facing head scissors. Kasee can barely breathe WEDGED deep in the torturous hold as the vet releases and locks in a body scissors, "I'm gonna choke you out!" Scrappy wraps his victim's arm around his own throat and adds his powerful python for more pain. "Let me go!" pleads the muscle stud. "Give me what I want; it could be easy!" Incredibly, Kasee escapes and UNLEASHES on his friend: tight full nelson, viselike headlock, gut punches, fireman's carry obliterating his abs, "I'm Tarzan baby! I'll take your a** down all day, swing vine to vine!" Scrappy struggles to his feet as the brutal back and forth fight continues: chokelift, body scissors, Boston crab, arm locks, a torture rack! Both muscle hunks struggle for air completely exhausted but won't back down. "We're best friends, but I call the shots too!" demands Kasee. "This is what happens when two alphas want their way! Somebody's gotta fall, and it ain't gonna be me!" promises Scrappy. The friends COLLIDE chest bumping each other harder and harder out of the way as things are about to get dirty! A vicious low blow has one muscle stud gasping to breathe as he's lifted in the air by his groin and viciously dropped down! Forearm smashes to the back, stomps to the abs, bodysplashes, and tornado TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER, leave one friend down for the count, "You should have just made a decision!"