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Scrappy v Steel - Bodybuilder Battle 146

$ 25.95

"Look at those pecs, huge arms; legs have gotten a little bigger. I'm impressed, almost at my level!" admires Steel checking out Scrappy's gains as the muscle hunks flex their chiseled frames. "I've been working out. You still know how to wrestle?" The behemoth grins in disbelief, "I'm still the best; come back here kick everybody's a**! You know how many times I crushed you in the past?" A quick tie up has Steel WRENCHING the vet's arms behind his back as he groans in pain, "That was in the past. I'm gonna bring your a** down; show everybody how big Scrappy is when he takes down the mighty Steel!" The brutal hold is released as the titans lock up in a massive mercy challenge. Veins pop, biceps bulge under the viselike grips as Scrappy is overpowered crumbling to his knees then driven face first to the mat where he finally submits. "You forget these quads? They can refresh your memory!" taunts the beast wrapping his tree-trunk quads around the vet in a RIB-CRACKING body scissors dragging him down. Scrappy gasps for air straining to break away as his captor flexes even tighter! Incredibly, the muscle stud pries apart the concrete pillars and hoists Steel up for a brutal belly to back bearhug, "Pretty damn strong, don't you wanna know how strong I got?" The beast struggles to breathe, "Ahh my ribs, let me go!" His hulking frame is powerless to escape as he's slammed on his face. Barely moving, Scrappy CLAWS and CHOPS the behemoth's beefy pecs trying to pin him with a cradle again and again but only gets 2 count. Furious, the muscle stud hammers away on Steel's rock-hard abs as he moans in pain barely breathing! "These are solid; I don't feel like I'm doing much damage. I need to try a little harder!" "No!" begs the beast as his torturer brings out some of the HARDEST gut punches you have ever seen! Exhausted himself, Scrappy mounts the motionless pile of muscle and double pec claws his meaty chest, "I can't get deep enough, too thick!" Steel screams in agony, "No, you're pretty deep!" but breaks away rolling the vet over for a double pec claw of his own as he flexes overhead. "Your arms are f***ing huge!" groans Scrappy trying to push the behemoth away. "Now you know what you're messing with!" Both titans return to their feet as the devious Steel plots his revenge, "What about your abs? You still got em?" The naive vet flexes his washboard abs, "Crunches every day baby!" as a thunderous blow sends him doubled over in agony and slammed into the wall! A barrage of DEVASTATING gut punches has Scrappy collapsing to the mat then forced to his feet for a massive fireman's carry. Steel violently shakes his victim as he groans in pain; his dangling arms grabbing his tormentor's beefy legs. "You feeling those quads? I'll let you worship this after I take you down, show you the muscles!" Scrappy is tossed to the mat and retaliates with a BACK-BREAKING belly to belly bearhug yanking Steel's tiny blue posers up his beefy glutes! "Ahh my back!" screams the beast as he driven into the wall. Exploding in a fit of rage, Steel unleashes his power: hammerlocks, gut punches, atomic wedgie, vicious knee to the groin, a GUILLOTINE CHOKE, "Nice and sweaty, you wanna worship this muscle now and have some fun? You gotta pay for that s**t!" Scrappy stumbles to his feet and begins feeling out the big man's hulking chest and biceps, "I'll whoop your a**; that'll be payment!" The beast flexes a double bicep as the devious Scrappy jumps on his chiseled back with a tight sleeper. Steel gasps for air falling to his knees as the vet feverishly worships his gorilla-size chest then HAMMERS his abs harder and harder, "That's solid!" "I told you; you're gonna pay!" A brutal over-the-shoulder takedown has Scrappy flying across the mat as the behemoth issues a challenge, "Can you worship people when you're in pain?" "Try me Steel!" The brutal battle continues leading up to a BREATH-TAKING finish: atomic wedgie, chokelift, crushing full nelson, belly to belly bearhug! Will Scrappy be forced to pay up or have the motionless Steel all to himself?