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Scrappy vs Adam Bryant - Mat Rats 81

Scrappy vs Adam Bryant - Mat Rats 81

$ 31.25

Adam Bryant is back and he’s taking on Scrappy!  Scrappy has recently turned to the dark side, embracing a newly aggressive and arrogant persona – and boy, does he like to show it off!

Scrappy, in purple and yellow trunks that can barely contain his glutes, and Adam are on the mats; Scrappy immediately gets in Adam’s face, flexing and inviting Adam to feel his muscle.  Scrappy is the picture of confidence as he asks “You sure you want to wrestle?”  Scrappy lunges in for a lock up, getting Adam in a tight headlock.  Scrappy’s biceps bulge as he tightens the lock, but Adam grabs his legs and topples him to the mat.  Adam slaps on an arm lock, but Scrappy whirs around and reverses, immobilising Adam and clamping on a rear choke!  Scrappy takes them to the mat, switching to a bodyscissor.  Adam manages to slither out, but not before Scrappy grabs a handful of pecs in a claw!  Adam recovers as Scrappy flexes his impressive physique for the camera (or is it for himself?).  They lock up again and Adam gets a takedown, trapping Scrappy’s head in his armpit – but Scrappy manages to roll them out and applies a sadistically brutal twisting arm lock on Adam that has him screaming in pain!  This is a new Scrappy, one who has no compassion whatsoever for his opponent!  Scrappy drags Adam up into a full nelson, but Adam manages to trip Scrappy back to the mat, going right back to the headlock.  This time, Adam manoeuvres Scrappy into a full nelson on the mat, wrenching his shoulders back!  Scrappy cries out as Adam punishes him, but he manages to get to his feet, lifting Adam in the process!  Adam tries to ride Scrappy, but the muscular stud throws Adam to the mat.

Adam gets to his feet, shaking away the cobwebs as Scrappy goes in for another lock up, this time clamping a crushing bearhug on Adam!  Scrappy’s muscle bulge as he lifts Adam andn puts the squeeze on HARD!  Adam cries out, but Scrappy just keeps squeezing before ramming Adam into the wall and unloading on his abs!  Scrappy hoists Adam over his shoulders, attacking the ribs.  “Let me here you scream!” Scrappy taunts Adam as he pulls down on his body, getting the desired scream before dumping him to the mat.  Scrappy pulls Adam up into a headlock, but something clicks in Adam’s head and he goes full Beast mode, lifting Scrappy up and slamming him down to the mat before hooking a leg and folding Scrappy up, forcing him to kiss his own knee!  But Scrappy finally escapes, and goes right back on the attack, slamming Adam to the mat and flexing over him.  Adam responds by tripping him and slapping on an ankle lock!  You can see on their faces that this is getting personal as they beat hell out of each other!  Scrappy pins Adam against the wall, firing hard blow after blow into his tenderised abs – Adam is in serious trouble!  He collapses to the mat, so Scrappy mounts his back, pulling his head up and back high off the mat!  Scrappy switches to a Boston Crab!  “How does that feel, huh?”  Scrappy’s body glistens with sweat as he relentlessly and mercilessly works Adam over with scissors and claws!  But there’s fight left in Adam yet as he clamps on a revenge bearhug of his own!

There is so much more to come – bearhugs, chokes, headlocks, sleepers, leg locks and gut bashing!  Scrappy is long past friendly wrestling, he’s out to obliterate his opponent!  This is a new and dangerous Scrappy!  Can Adam get the momentum back and eke out a win?  Or will this new Scrappy prove too much for him to handle?  Either way, this is definitely a match to remember!  Add it to your collection today and see for yourself!