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Scrappy vs Adrik - Mat Wars 126

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

It's an all out brawl as these boys try and force a tap out or break each other apart: TAP or SNAP! "How's this gonna be fair?" laughs the 6'2" 210lbs rookie towering over the smaller vet. Scrappy flexes a double bicep, "I ain't scared of nobody taller than me; that means nothing!" Out of nowhere, AG wraps his meathook hands around Scrappy's throat, SLAMS him into the wall, and delivers back-handed chops to his chiseled frame. The vet is dazed as he's taken down in a headlock and flipped onto his back into a grueling arm lock. "I'm gonna break that arm!" Scrappy gut punches the rookie again and again trying to break the hold, but it isn't working, "Let go of me!" Finally, AG releases and lets Scrappy to his feet, "Come on strong guy!" taunts the muscle giant as he chest bumps the vet then CHOKELIFTS him! Scrappy's face turns red as his eyes roll to the back of his head. Suddenly, AG's legs give out, and both hunks collapse to the mat. "Did you get tired or something, holding all this muscle?" mocks Scrappy. "I'm never tired!" The newb barrels in with a shoulder carry shaking the vet up and down as he groans in pain then drops him down for a brutal ankle lock! "Tap!" orders AG. "You ain't making Scrappy tap!" The vet barely escapes kicking the rookie to the mat. "Why do they keep making me wrestle all these giants!" Scrappy sees red and bearhugs the beast, "I'm gonna bring you down little b****! I'm gonna make you mine!" AG struggles but breaks away delivering more torture: a brutal arm lock, gut punches, camel clutch! Scrappy is in trouble and begs for mercy; his chest stretched to its limits under the giant's power. "Had enough?" With the vet barely able to breathe, AG slams him face first to the mat, mounts his back, and camel clutches him again rolling him into an arm bar. "I'm gonna break it!" The pain is unbearable, and Scrappy is forced to tap out barely able to move his damaged arm as he struggles to his knees. "I'll help you up!" AG picks up the helpless vet in another chokelift, holds him up against the wall with one arm, and gut punches his abs! "No, please, please!" Scrappy nearly passes out as his muscular frame slides down the wall crumbling to the mat. The giant continues with a LEG-BREAKING Boston crab as the vet begs, "I can't take anymore!" "Tap!" Scrappy escapes again kicking the giant to the mat, "You're gonna wear out before you make me tap!" AG is up for the challenge and chokelifts Scrappy again dropping him down into a grueling FIGURE-FOUR LEG LOCK! The vet howls in pain as the pressure builds. He finally submits, "I give!" but the giant keeps the hold locked in. Scrappy grunts, groans, and is able to reverse the leg lock damaging AG's legs in revenge. With the giant on his level, the vet feverishly tries to choke out the muscle giant with his legs, but he escapes. AG's rage begins to appear as he lifts Scrappy in a belly to belly bearhug shaking him with ferocity! "You're starting to scare me man!" gasps the vet as his insides are being obliterated, and he is dropped down to the mat. With the giant distracted, Scrappy recovers and jumps on his back trying to choke out the big man. AG's long arms flail in the air as he desperately tries to throw the vet off him. Finally, he escapes before passing out. The action intensifies as these muscle hunks try and rip each other apart! TAP or SNAP becomes multiple submissions and injuries: gut punches, chokelifts, Boston crabs, sleepers, camel clutches, head scissors, a torture rack! The devious winner sets in motion a horrific plan, "I think I know what's gonna finish him off. I'm gonna break the ribs!...Broken neck that'll make you tap!"