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Scrappy vs. Arkansas - In Your House 01

$ 31.25

Arkansas is a seasoned veteran wrestler getting in some practice before a show he has coming up. Unaware that Scrappy is watching him from behind a tree off the mat. After getting up the courage, Scrappy approaches Arkansas and asks if he can learn from him. Arkansas is not having it from the admiring Scrappy and tells him to leave him alone. The eager Scrappy keeps pushing Arkansas to teach him some moves. Eventually, Arkansas gets pissed off and decides to go ahead and give Scrappy exactly what he wants. The cocky Arkansas digs into his bag of moves including ab stretches, BRUTAL backbreakers, MANY different forms of choke lifts, and MASSIVE shoulder breakers. After using Scrappy's hair as a weapon, can Arkansas put away the eager wrestler. Or, will the arrogant Arkansas be surprised by a resilient Scrappy.

Scrappy just wants to admire and learn from the famous Arkansas. However, that quickly turns into a dark lesson in respect.